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Mary Lee Willis: I noticed that you have a few AU stories on your site, so I had an idea of one. I was originally going to write this story, but I'm too much of a perfectionist, that and I'm writing about twelve others at the same time, so I hope you'll take this challenge under consideration. I was watching a taped episode of Raw, then I saw episodes of Third Watch, The Shield, Crossing Jordan, and Law and Order, (I know, I watch too much TV) and I got the idea of all the wrestlers as different members of the justice system. Since there are so many different departments, It would be possible to fit quite a few wrestlers in there. I was thinking that the only way that all these departments would work together was during major terrorist activity somehow involving a major New York crime boss that happened to have nearly everyone in his back pocket (except our wrestlers of course). I originally had about 23 different wrestlers in the story, with most only being involved occasionally. So I had these guys in mind: Randy Orton, SVU detective; John Cena, homicide; Victoria, homicide; Trish Stratus, narcotics; Jackie Gayda, narcotics; Charlie Haas, SWAT; Shelton Benjamin, SWAT; Paul London, Anti-Crime;(Anti-Crime keeps watch over major crime factions, and basically sacrifice the little drug dealer to find the major drug handler, get it?) Christy Hemme, Anti-Crime; Chris Jericho, FBI; Shannon Moore, FBI; Stacy Keibler, Forensics; Gail Kim, Medical Examiner; Adam Copeland, Jason Reso, Amy Dumas, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Shane Helms, Bounty Hunters (I've noticed pretty much every single bounty hunter I've ever seen looks a little quirky, and all of them teeter dangeroulsy on the edge of the law. Who better then a bunch of people with really long hair that they dye different colors that have and odd sense of fashion with piercings and tattoos?) and AJ Styles, Hostage Negotiator. I know that AJ isn't WWE, but he's got to be the best wrestler ber none. That and I met him briefly and he was beyond totally nice and chivalrous. So thanks for reading this, and if you decide not to write this story, that's cool, I just might write it when I'm done with my other stories in oh, two years.

Rachael: A Dave Batista/Trish Stratus fic. Love/hate relationship

Naomi: Amy and Adam are due to get married but Jay doesn't like it and on the wedding day, Jeff Hardy is driving Amy to the church and they are stopped by Jay, Chris Jericho and HHH. Jeff is shot and Amy is kidnapped. You can decide if Jeff dies or not and you can also decide if Adam ever sees Amy again.

Corie McLaren: Edge (post-Homecoming) is dealing with the deaths of his lover Lita and his best friend Christian at the hands of Matt Hardy.

Gabbi: A Trish Stratus/Shawn Michaels fic.

Ledge Lover: Stacy is either involved with RVD or Chris Jericho, but gets involved with the other after a night on the town with him, Edge and Lita. Problems arise when the other man finds out, and Stacy leans on Lita for help and support. You decide who she ends up with.

Harsh: Edge has to be a secret agent and works for Canada, he had a mission, it was to run after a spy against his country. After looking for the identity of that spy he found that the spy was Christian. So, Edge is facing a great decision - either to catch Christian and forget all what was between them, or to leave Christian run and penetrate his country.

Amy Rudders: A sequel to Soulmates where Chris Irvine is back!

Jill: Try making one where Stacy, Christian, and Edge are a stable in the WWE. Like things are great for them and all but then Lita joins because she starts dating Edge. The group start to split apart because Edge is always distracted by Lita and hanging out with her. So he has to choose between his best friends that he's had like all his life or his new girlfriend of a couple months.

Adam's Eve: A Short fanfic based on the song "What Hurts the Most" by Rascall Flatts. Amy/Adam... What happens if some things that should have been said weren't.

WWE Fan: Edge/Lita, Stacy/Randy, Molly Holly/Jericho, Nidia/Rey - FRIENDS: Batista, Benoit, Eugene, Lilian, Dawn Marie, Women McMahons. ENEMIES: Jamie Noble, Angle, John Cena, Trish, Jacqueline, Men McMahons. Nidia is still blind and gets rescued by Rey from Noble. Edge rescues Lita from Kane, Randy rescues Stacy from HHH, and Jericho rescues Molly Holly from a abusive relationship with Spike Dudley where it starts an angle with him vs all 3 Dudleys. Must Have: 1. Surprise wrestlers helping 2. The Girls bond more 3. Guys fighting for Title Belts 4. Crazed Fan after a diva rescued by a superstar 5. Someone gets engaged and song called LISTEN TO YOUR HEART somewhere in story. CAN'T HAVE 1. Rape 2. Torrie being good 3. Matt Hardy 4. Stephanie Married to HHH 5. Christian being good

Kirsten: Okay - so my idea of a fanfic is having Amy and Adam have a family when their two kids are like 4 and 6, you can decide who is older, then have the fic based on how Adam and Amy deal with their WWE careers while still keeping in balance their family life. There could be marital problems but they would reconcile afterward. You can add all the other juicy details that you please. -THANX

Jeff: I challenge you to make a fanfic about Lita getting abducted and gagged, then rescued by Edge.

Maria: Stacey Keibler Returns To Raw, She Is Best Mates With Lita Aka Amy, Amy Is With Adam Aka Edge, They Are Having A Few Problems, Mainly About One Person-The WWE Champ John Cena. Amy And John Are Friends And Adam Hates This, He Tries To Convince Stacey To Help Persuade Amy To Help Them Bring John Down So That Adam Can Be The Chamo, Stacey Agrees To Help Adam, But Soon Realises She Can't Because Shes In *LOVE* With John And Sets Out With Amy To Stop This War Between Adam And John (pairings-John/Stacy and Amy/Adam and any others you want)

Ashley: Now that Amy is in a band it would be cool to have Adam and Amy meet at one of her shows. Your an amazing writer so it would be cool to put your own twist on it. Make something unpredictable happen!! Thanks!! again your an awesome writer!! Keep it up!!!

Ailly: A person that is less-than-a-best friend of Amy is after Matt Hardy - preferably any trampy diva that you generally dislike [I have far too many to name], and for some reason, she simply cannot help but try and destroy the two where they stand. What will Adam, her current boyfriend, have to say about that?

Britney: Edge is usually the type of guy who simply doesn't give a damn about anything else. But when he finds Torrie Wilson beat up by her former boyfriend Carlito, he risks his career, and his mean streak to save Torrie.

Sam: Lita/Edge. Lita starts to get affected by all the name-calling from fans and thinks that she is not worthy of Edge. What will Edge do to get Lita back?

Tess:: After her breakup with both CM Punk and John Morrison, Melina is tired of dating "bad boys" who will only break her heart. So she does a 180 and agrees to have drinks with someone totally opposite of her "type"...Shane McMahon. Unlike her past boyfriends, Shane is wealthy, charasmatic and always well dressed. She must be in heaven, but soon Melina will find out she is in hell when she realizes that Shane is nothing more than a possessive womanizing bastard. Despite his several affairs, he refuses to let Melina go. After realizing that Melina is not herself, and seeing a few bruises, John Morrison turns to his one time enemy to get to the bottom of Melina's distress.

Candice "Gypsy Rose" Brantley: A sequel to Delusional--focuses on after Amy and Adam are married and have their baby. Stephanie's obsession with Adam has not stopped, and since she can't have Adam, she will take the next best thing--his baby. Basically this fic shows Stephaine kidnapping Amy and Adam's baby and trying to raise it as her own.

Ashley: Adam and Amy meet at Amy's concert. Then, after a few weeks, they get close and start talking about how hard they had to play their roles and etc., but in reality, they both still have feelings for each other yet don't want to admit it. Then Adam starts to act like he 'hates' amy to hide his feelings but eventually they will get back together, as friends or more than that.

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