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Shanice: Adam has a twin brother (you decide the name) that is in love with Amy. Adam loves Amy. Adam and brother don't know that each other loves Amy. The brother starts stalking Amy when he learns that Adam is in love with Amy. The brother thinks by stalking Amy, he can stop Adam from telling Amy how he feels. Amy finds out that the brother is stalking her. Which she gets confused and thinks that it is Adam (her secret crush) that is stalking her. Will Amy find out that it is Adam's twin brother that is stalking her. Will Adam and Amy ever hook up? Adam's twin brother looks exactly like Adam except Adam has a tattoo on his lower back. That is the only difference.

Kate: A Stacy Keibler fic - her fighting back against Scott and Andrew... Having a new life in the WWE and the great friends she meets along the way. Maybe a love interest...

Sarah: Several of the RAW divas are sick of being forced into T&A matches and being harassed by Eric Bischoff. They quit and sign with Stephanie on Smackdown. Things are okay at first, but then Stephanie loses her job during the Father vs Daughter match at No Mercy and is replaced by Paul Heyman. Heyman is just as bad as Bischoff was and tries to make life hell for the divas.
Good Divas: Lita, Molly, Victoria, Ivory & whoever else you want.
Bad Divas: Torrie, Sable, Shaniqua & whoever else you want.
Pairings: Lita/Edge, Victoria/John Cena, Molly/Rey. Others are up to you.
Good Guys: Edge, Rey, John Cena & whoever else.
Bad Guys: Matt, Brock Lesnar, Heyman, the Big Show, & whoever else.

Tabitha: It has to be a fic which takes place during high school. Lita is the new girl that dresses in baggy pants with high thongs riding over her pants. There is the evil teacher who just hates her for no reason. Trish Stratus could be the snobby cheerleader who always has guys trailing behind her in the hallway. She makes fun of Lita all the time and Lita becomes friends with Lilian Garcia. Then, there is the football players who think they're popular, all except the captain. The football captain would of course have to be Edge. He soon falls in love with her and she likes him, but there is also someone else who noticed her as well. The motorcycle riding dude who hangs out with the bad guys. His name- Matt Hardy. He could hit on her one day and she will tell him off and he won't take it and she will slap him! Also a twist could be this- her father died in an accident and her mother does drugs and the only person to help her is the football captain- Edge!

Sequita: Stephanie McMahon's marrige with Hunter isn't working out too well. It seems like every day Hunter is beating her, or raping her. Then there's the Undertaker. He has serious feelings for Stephanie. Kane, he tries to figure out why does he have these feelings for her, and why does he want Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. When Stephanie comes across Taker, will he have enough courage to tell her how he feels? Or will he show her with passionate actions?

Angelica: A fic starring Trish Stratus.

The Wolf: DX in high school - Triple H/Stephanie, X-Pac/Tori, HBK/Sable, Billy Gunn/Molly Holly and Road Dogg/Ivory.

Amber: I'd like to see one of Trish Stratus and Randy Orton having a double-wedding with Stephanie McMahon and Shawn Michaels.

LilSteph: A fic pairing Adam and Steph.

Elizabeth: Lita dated Edge throughout high school but when she turns 17 they finally have sex and she ends up pregnant. 10 years later now she's in the WWE and nobody knows about the child she has. When she found out she was pregnant she left the town and Edge never knew. It would be a romance between the two and you could do whatever you want with it that is just the main storyline I suppose.

Jules: A Trish Stratus/John Cena fic! Aww, I love them both!

Traci: Adam and Amy can't stand each other but they get stranded on a desert island together. A lot of erotic scenes.

Amanda: Trish is feeling bad after the whole Chris thing and being embarassed in front of all the WWE. Trish feels like her world's falling apart. Yet again all they want from her is to be a slut and that's the image she was always trying to run from but it always seemed to catch up to her. So one night when enough becomes enough she decides that she will take her own life to end her suffering. But really all she ever needed was someone to stand by her side. Her best friend Lita is seriously worried about her, so she asks her b/f Edge to help her find Trish. But neitehr of them find her - what if soemone else did... Say someone like Shawn Michaels... Can he help Trish overcome all of her fears...? Will he stand by her side...? Or will he throw her aside like the trash she thinks she is?

Alvira Staples: Lita and Mark(Taker) getting together after Sara cheats on Mark.

Sam: First, could u please finish some of the fics u already have? Also, anything dealing with Adam and Amy and their relationship rules, but u should make a really long one with them having a baby, like when it was conceived and the events going up to her pregnancy, then her havin the baby. THAT WOULD BE KEWL!!! PLZ DO THIS ONE!!!

Traci (five challenges as follows): Challenge 1: Adam and Amy are married and they go off on vacation but their car runs out of gas. A trucker ( a wwe wrestler) picks Amy up and kidnaps her making Adam search all over for her. Trucker could be: Matt Hardy, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Randy Orton)

Challenge 2: Adam and Amy are married but one night they have a huge fight which results in Amy having a one night stand with a fellow wrestler, who becomes obsessed with her.

Challenge 3: Amy and Adam can't stand each other but they end up falling in love and as things turn serious, a jealous ex-girlfriend says that Adam raped her.

(Challenge 4 has been moved down below, as it is now in progress)

Challenge 5: Adam is an ex-con who escapes from prison. He was set up. He runs into Amy who is a waitress and takes her hostage but they end up falling in love.

Kelly: I love your stories! I would really like to see a story with Edge and Victoria and have it involve the Brood. Maybe like Gangrel is stalking the Divas and Edge and Christian try to save Victoria and Molly. A cool twist would be that Edge and Christian end up being Vamipires themselves and lure the divas into their ways of life. Well thanks for letting me share my challenge with you.

Gem: A Stephanie McMahon/Edge pairing.

Karla: How about Trish suddenly capturing the interest of Christian and he falls for her hard? Trish falls for Christian too but being bitchy at heart and all, she makes it difficult for him by posing to be a real challenge. You decide the wrestlers who are gonna participate in this little tale. There is just one thing though, please make Trish Stratus friends with Stacy Keibler (Is that the correct spelling?), Victoria (Don't make her psycho.) and Lita. Let Christian have his own group and friends, you decide who they are. Sort of like a very long courtship, if you know what I'm saying...

Melody: Stephanie is on Raw as GM and she still feels hatred for HHH so she decides to get back at him in the worst way possible. She starts to date Randy Orton. What happens when she falls for the Legend Killer.

Amanda: Obviously Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus' relationship is over on the show, and i can't help but feel saddened by this. So I'm asking you (no practically begging of you) To keep their romance alive by writing a fic...A series fic...I need alittle more than memory to make their romance alive. so i figure a story by a damn good author may just do the trick...until the wwe decides to put them back together... So please please please Renee write a fic about Trish and Chris...fill us fans with some sort of hope... We haven't much left...

Jess: Evolution is tormenting three divas and three supertars will do whatever it takes to stop Evolution from hurting them wheter it's in or out of the ring. Lita/Edge, Stacy/Randy, Trish/Jericho.

Jess: couples are Edge/Lita and Randy/Stacy.Edge/Lita/Matt.Matt is abusing lita and she is being forced to date him or he will hurt her best friend stacy. Randy/Stacy/Test/Scott Test and Scott are also abusing stacy and wont tell anyone but when stacy and lita find out of the others problems they wont tell anyone but eachother. When Edge and Randy find out what is going on they will do anything to protect the one they love but wont voice it.1)Test/Scott/Matt team up to hurt edge and randy. 2)In The Ring Stacy and Lita Hurt Their abusers. 3)Jeff helps out lita who is like a sister 4) A superstar is stacy uncle. 5) Happy Ending

Lauren: Stacy and Randy have been really good friends for a long time... And now that they are getting closer, Edge (her brother), is getting way over protective. Edge states that if Randy comes near Stacy, Randy is a dead man.. So then, after the whole 'Randy is a dead man' thing.. Stacy and Randy try to meet secretly.. But there secret is exposed the an unknown diva (any one u want), Who wants Randy for herself. After Edge finds out Stacy and Randy have been meeting.. Edge takes it into his own hands.

Seirra: Lita is just trying to get over a break up and Edge is trying to help but she doesn't let him help until the last minute.

WWE Fan: Edge/Lita, Randy/Stacy-Edge and Stacy are half brother and sister Edge is older.Lita is Randy's adopted sister. Lita is older. Randy and Edge are protective of their siblings. No one knows they are related. REST IS UP TO YOU

Nyvaeh: Lita's every man's fantasy; she's sweet, beautiful, charming, fiery, independent, and the most dominant diva in the Company, All the men want her and believes she would be a valuable asset to whomever wins her affection. Edge has always admired Lita, harbours a secret crush for her and would love to get to know her and possibly be her one and only. Triple H also has his eyes on Lita and will do absolutely everything in her past to be with her...even kill.

Debbie: Adam & Amy are dating but Chris Jericho being Matt Hardy's friend wants to get Amy & Matt back together even though Adam & Amy are in love how will this one play out?

Mary Anne: Can u please write a story about Lita and Edge where EVERYONE in the lockerroom is trying to split them up except Trish Stratus and Victoria-who help them show the other superstars what true love is? Please make it where the whole time-Lita and Edge stay together. Please make a really steamy sex scene between Lita & Edge!!! Thank you.

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