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Adam's Eve: 1. involve a list--2. divas rank male wrestlers (best smiles etc.-most athletic etc.-biggest jerk etc, shortest tallest), and anything else-3. a male gets ahold of a copy--4. guys do the same thing and rank the girls (best eyes etc.- most spontanious most etc-biggest airhead biggest etc. shortest tallest) and anything else--5 the guys really scrutinize.them--6. winds up being a male vs. female kinda thing--7 involve pranks-8 you decide an ending

Kero: Edge feel like the inspiration come down when see that his fans only inpired in he to be wrestlers, thing that's cool... one day, he find a fan that inspired in he to do a dream come true: Be Profesional Sketcher. she think that her dream's stupid and Edge try to show she that her dream is beautiful. The problem begin when the girl think that Edge try to help her for pity...

Peggy: Edge is a vampire and is looking for his true love, who turns out to be a human being. In order for their relationship to work, he has to bite her!

Dan: Edge is dared by the guys backstage to take on one of the best Intercontinental champions of all time, Chyna. You challenge it to write an exciting, yet realistic match on how Edge handles fighting just a girl!

Brittany: Everyone is treating Trish like she isn't a human being, calling her a 'slut' and everything - all the wrestlers, except her best friends: Amy, Matt and Jeff. Jeff and Trish are starting to get really close. Trish and Jeff are the kind of couple that everyone wants to be! They have their very sexual times and then there's times where they just hold each other's hands, arm around each other and kissing on the cheek, forehead and neck. They deal with normal relationship problems on the way. But they make it through with each other! Then they get married and have two kids they name Jordan and Madison! It should be a series fic too!

Charmed One: Someone gets ahold of Amy's diary. The guys start looking through it and such. Then Amy realizes her diary is gone - and panics. Adam was one of the guys around when the diary is being read aloud (excerpts). Amy writes about all her personal things (guys, life, feelings, etc.) In the diary, Amy wrote about a specific guy. The guys figure it had to be one of them (arrogant guys). Adam gets pissed off when he later (months, weeks w/e) finds out that the diary is Amy's. The guy she was talking about was of course Adam. Now Adam gets to figure out a way to get Aamy's diary from the guys and get it back to her without Amy thinking he took it... or finding out he read some ot it. Will Amy trust anyone again? The story can take place whenever, in any event. It's up to you to add things and figure out a good ending. Involve as many people as needed. :)

Secret Whisperer: Amy is still a virgin. Adam likes Amy. Doesn't know. Amy has innocent crush on Adam. See what you can make of it.

Edgeucator: Molly is a virginal girl. Edge is a hot stud. He takes her on a date and who knows what else happens....:)

Missy: A short AU fic: Amy and Adam switch bodies.

Amanda: Long or short, it really doesn't matter. Amy is involved in a storyline with Adam's friend Chris Jericho. Amy starts to feel like Chris is putting her in more danger than she can handle. Edge and Y2J scuffle. Somewhat like the current Stacy storyline with Scott Steiner and Test. Happy Ending is all that counts.

Krys: Triple H kidnaps Adam's pregnant wife, Amy (Lita) because he wants to hurt Adam for whatever reason. Adam gets Chris Benoit, who happens to be Amy's half-brother to help save her.

Silver: I'd like to see a fic where Trish Stratus is being raped and abused by her boyfriend and won't tell anyone except Lita. Lita doesn't know how to help, so she asks Edge for help. Trish's boyfriend is Edge's best friend and intimidates Edge. What will happen? I look forward to this!

???: Whatever you want as long as it takes place in high school.

Sharon: Lita/Edge fic using song "Save Me" by Queen.

Angie: (via the Yahoo! group KarenFic) Edge makes his return, this time coming to Raw, to battle Christian for the Intercontinental Championship.
- Edge with Lita or Molly
- Stacy and Molly appear as good guys in the fic
- Eventually Edge and Christian mend their broken brotherhood and happy endings for all.
- Christian ending up with Stacy or Molly would be a bonus too :)

Nicole: Chris Jericho/Trish Stratus, Edge/Lita as a secondary pairing, RVD/Dawn Marie as another one, Jay Reso and Stephanie McMahon or Gail Kim (your choice). Trish is dating a WWE superstar... (Christian/Jay Reso), and her friends slowly start noticing signs that she's in an abusive relationship (bruises, shying away from people when they try to touch her, etc.) Adam, Amy, and Chris try to help by getting her to admit it, but she won't. One night, when Jay and Trish have a fight, Jay starts to beat Trish again. He beats her to the point where she's unconscious, then he leaves her there. A few hours later, Amy comes to visit her and finds her. She rushes her to the hospital, where she's in critical condition. They finally get her to admit what happened and Chris goes after Jay. The two fight, but Jay runs away. Jay teams up with Stephanie or Gail Kim because they want Chris and Jay still wants Trish. They make a plot to try and stop Chris and Trish's relationship before it starts. All the while, Chris and Trish start to develop a relationship. As they start to get closer, Jay and Gail or Stephanie put their plan into action, hoping to drive a wedge between the two. They succeed in breaking the two up, but they aren't satisfied, they won't be until Chris or Trish, or both, are dead and gone. But... Jay wants Trish, even though Gail or Stephanie wants her dead, and Gail or Stephanie wants Chris, even though Jay wants him dead. That starts a rivalry between the two, kind of like who can get rid of who first. The ending is up to you.

Lil Amy: Edge's teenage daughter turns up after her mom gets fed up with her behaviour. Edge has to cope with the wild teen, who just wants to cause trouble. She doesn't want to know her dad, the only ones she likes are Triple H, HBK, Undertaker, Jericho and Christian and she becomes friends with them all. Edge tries his hardest to be her dad, but she just doesn't want to, and now it's too late.

Twist: What happens during a little game of strip poker with fellow WWE Superstars?

The Billion Dollar Princess: Well, I would like to see a situation where Adam is entangled in a love triangle between Amy, who is dating Adam, and Stephanie, who at that time is engaged to Paul Levesque. Stephanie makes him think that she is in love with him because she despises Amy with a fury of hatred. So she and Adam have an affair and continue this for several months and she tells Adam to choose between her and Amy, and when he chooses her, she rejects him and reveals to him that she was just using him and breaks off the affair and breaks his fragile heart. Amy soon finds out about this when Stephanie McMahon spreads rumors about him and her backstage, and in the end Adam is left with a broken heart and Amy shows her love for him by sticking with him through it all on the sidelines and the Billion Dollar Bitch known to always get her way gets her way when she marries paul and is pregnant - but with whose child? She is not sure, but when she finds that it is Adam, she is concerned and doesn't say a word to anyone but puts it in her diary, which is then found by Paul, who is infuriated but stays with her! And you can add the rest in. That is all I can think of, by the way I love your site!!!!!

Tilly: Rey Mysterio/Nidia - this goes way back to when they had a segment with his "Wine me, dine me, 619 me" phrase. NC-17, thank you.

My: Stephanie McMahon growing up in Greenwich,Conneticut. Going to high school, living her life. The only thing is that she has yet to have her first boyfriend and kiss. A teacher tells her she has to tutor a mindless idiot (Triple H). All his life, Paul (Triple H) pushed people away until he met Stephanie. She encourages him to keep going in school when he gets ready to quit. They fall in love. He grows up to work for her father's company. You can decide how to end it.

Bianca: Adam/Amy are in high school. All the wrestlers are, too. Adam and Amy are going out but Amy gets pregnant. Can she tell him? What happens if he finds out but not from her?

Bianca: Randy Orton/Lita --When Lita comes back to RAW, Hunter and Flair bet Randy he couldn't get into Lita's pants, but what happens when he falls for her--that's the summary. Lita isn't dating Matt.

Stephen: Please accept my request to writing a story regarding Lita's neck injury and her struggle to get back into the ring. Thanks.

Scully: Very short fic: Lita gets a new tattoo and the guys want to know where she got it (this is all pre-shorts-wearing lita) -tattoo can be anywhere and be anything except a heart- have fun.

Adam's Eve: A fic that is set up with the Dean Malenko stalking time. Adam/Amy. What does Adam do about Malenko? What does Malenko do to Amy? May involve kidnapping/stalking among other things that are up to author. Rest is to be decided by author.

Tabitha: Lita returns to Raw and becomes best friends with Molly Holly. Rey Mysterio gets the chance to go to Raw and he accepts the offer from Stephanie McMahon. Lita is forced by Eric Bischoff to become tag team partners with Rey and they make an unstoppable team on Raw. Molly, however has a secret crush on Rey, but she has no idea that her friend Lita likes him also. Rey and Lita start a relationship that Molly is trying to get rid of. Molly really needs Rey but Lita and Rey seem perfect for each other. Molly quickly goes to Rey and tells him that Lita is seeing Billy Kidman. This is not true, but Rey goes on to believe Molly and breaks up with Lita. Lita is unable to continue wrestling because after Rey broke up with her, she finds another boyfriend and this relationship happens to be very abusive. Escaping from her abusive boyfriend, she finds herself a job at Hottopic, a store/mall. A couple years later, she meets up with Rey when he is shopping. Rey spots Lita and can't help wondering how beautiful she is. He stops to talk with her and Lita finds out Molly and Rey had gotten married. Molly soon after died giving birth to a boy. Lita drives to her hotel wondering what she should do. The next day, she calls Rey and they meet at Hottopic the next day. Lita has the day off from working, so they spend the day together. Rey gets into a conversation with Lita, telling her how his son named Rey Jr. desperately needs a mother because Rey has no idea what his son's needs are going to be as he gets older. Lita becomes a new mother to Rey Jr. and goes back to her wrestling career.

Tammy Louise: Amy Dumas/Adam Copeland

Kaitlin: Well, since you love Adam and Amy together, you can have them, but before that happens, I would like to have him and Stephanie McMahon date, then break up. I would like to see Trish/Christian and Lita/Jericho. Vince and Triple H are pretty much crazy and try to get Stephanie and Hunter to hook up, but she won't have any part of it, because she is involved with John Cena, then Vince and Hunter have some crazy plan to kill Cena, but in the end it blows up in their faces.

Adam's Eve: Jeff/Aimes - What if the storline went as it should have after "the breakup of Lita and Team Xtreme"? Amy and Matt were never going out in real life, only on camera. The storyline would go as planned as stated in Aimes' book. Jeff would not refuse to kiss Amy. They would start an off-camera and on-camera relationship. Till some distant admirer wants Amy to himself and causes mayhem. Will Jeff be able to protect Amy or will Amy have to find another for support, comfort and love. (Adam) Everything up to Author. E-mail me if there are any questions.

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