SmackDown - January 2, 2015

Edge and Christian hosted the first SmackDown of the New Year and didn't allow J & J Security to push them around. They asserted their position for the evening and made matches pitting Ryback against the Big Show and Rusev vs Roman Reigns. E & C were contemplating doing a five second pose backstage, only to get interrupted by Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury again. At the end of the night, J & J Security took away Edge and Christian's props in the back and basically shooed them away as they set up a poster of the Muscle and Fitness magazine cover with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H on it. E & C's response and final act was to graffiti on it.

RAW - December 29, 2014

Edge and Christian were the special guests and in charge on RAW and promised that the show would "totally reek of awesomeness." They were interrupted while about to do a five second pose by WWE World champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, approached in the back by The Miz and Damien Mizdow, who demanded a rematch against the Usos, to whom they lost the tag team titles earlier and hosted the first ever Cutting Edge Peep Show with Seth Rollins as their guest. Things got ugly when Rollins revealed he had plotted a scheme to blackmail John Cena into bringing back The Authority as he whacked Christian with his Money in the Bank briefcase and threatened to paralyze Edge with a curbstomp as the Big Show held him down.

RAW - April 23, 2012

On RAW, Edge made a surprise appearance to try and talk some sense into John Cena and light a fire under his ass. He said he didn't know this John Cena and that Cena would have to man up and defeat Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules, that it would be a slap in the face to guys like Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker and himself who all lived and breathed for the industry.

SmackDown - September 16, 2011

On SmackDown, Edge returned as the show was in his hometown of Toronto to be the night's special guest. He addressed the crowd about how he missed being on WWE TV and all of the fans. Cody Rhodes interrupted and handed Edge a paper bag to keep on his mantle. The Rated R Superstar insulted him and declined, then left. Later, backstage, Trish Stratus showed Edge a pair of yoga gloves when they were encountered by Christian, who "forgave" Edge for making him lose the World title to Randy Orton at SummerSlam. Christian tried to get Edge to "make it up to him" by convincing Teddy Long he deserved one more shot at the gold. Edge refused and said Christian was starting to sound like a little bitch. Later still, The Cutting Edge saw Randy Orton and Mark Henry as guests, with a no contact clause instituted. Edge pulled no punches, as promised, and asked Mark how it felt to be in the company 15 years with no title. Things were about to get heated after awhile, which prompted Edge to announce the show was over and exit the ring. A brawl then ensued between the two guests.

SummerSlam - August 14, 2011

At SummerSlam, Edge appeared to not stand in Christian's corner during his World title defense against Randy Orton but to give him some friendly advice. The Rated R Superstar told Christian he needed to hear it from him and that he had become a disgrace to himself because of his whining and the way he won the gold for his second reign. Edge pointed out that he was better than that and assured Christian that he would be his best friend forever, no matter what. After his speech, he left the ring, leaving Christian to go it alone in the match.

Extreme Rules - May 1, 2011

At Extreme Rules, Edge made a surprise appearance, first showing up in a camouflage jeep to distract Alberto Del Rio as he was climbing a ladder to grab the World Heavyweight Championship. Del Rio was thwarted long enough that Christian was able to shove him over and to the arena floor, then climb up to get the gold himself. Edge ran to the ring to cheer on his lifelong best friend, who finally captured his first major title in the WWE in 13 years of employment. Edge entered the ring and happily embraced Christian, holding his hand up in sweet victory.

SmackDown - April 22, 2011

On SmackDown, Edge appeared to offer his thoughts and feelings on the "retirement party" Alberto Del Rio decided to throw for him. Alberto had a grandfather clock, Depends adult diapers, a walker and the love of Edge's life, Lita - in the form of a very obese woman - as "gifts" for the Rated R Superstar. Ricard Rodriguez also rolled out on a scooter to Edge's theme music and mocked his entrance. Edge called the party brutal, and Alberto ordered Brodus Clay to get him, but Christian appeared out of nowhere to take him out with a ladder. Christian then got Del Rio as well and climbed a ladder to retrieve the World Championship belt, which was hanging high above the ring. Edge stood by and watched, looking pleased as he applauded his lifelong best friend.

SmackDown - April 15, 2011

On SmackDown, Edge made a heartfelt speech, thanking the fans and his mother, who sat in the front row. He relinquished the World Championship, telling the fans that the gold was not just his when he held it, it was theirs as well. He came out to hug his lifelong best friend, Christian, after he won a battle royal to determine who would face Alberto Del Rio in a ladder match at Extreme Rules for the now vacant World title. Afterward, in a post-show segment, Edge and Christian did a final five-second pose, and then Edge was applauded and greeted by his fellow superstars in an emotional farewell.

RAW - April 11, 2011

On RAW, Edge came out to make a shocking and sad announcement - that he had recently visited a doctor after experiencing loss of sensation in his arms and that he'd been told he could no longer wrestle and had to retire. This was not only a shock to us fans but to Edge himself, and it was extremely emotional as he recalled fond memories of his 13 years in the WWE. He mentioned debuting and working with his lifelong best friend Christian, winning his first WWE championship and ending up an 11-time champion, having a live sex show on RAW, thankfully not with Vickie Guerrero but with Lita, among other things. Edge let everyone know that he too is still a fan, just like them, and graciously thanked the fans for going on the ride with him throughout his career. He proudly did his metal sign on his way to the back, then was shown exchanging goodbyes with other wrestlers, hugging Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry, Goldust, Eve, Gail Kim, Tyson Kidd, Natalya, Evan Bourne and the Bella Twins. It was very emotional and heartfelt, with the Rated R Superstar shedding plenty of tears.

SmackDown - April 8, 2011

On SmackDown, Edge and Christian taunted Alberto Del Rio with his destroyed Rolls Royce. Edge declared that Christian was more deserving of a championship shot, but Teddy Long made a match between him and Del Rio, where the winner would face Edge in a ladder match for the title at Extreme Rules. Later, Edge sat at the announce table during the match, but after distraction by Brodus Clay, Alberto won after a top rope enziguiri.

WrestleMania 27 - April 3, 2011

At WrestleMania 27, Edge defended his World Championship against Alberto Del Rio and showed all his true heart and dedication throughout the match. Christian stood in his corner at ringside, while Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay stood by for Del Rio. Edge successfully reversed the cross armbreaker, turning it into an Edgeucator the second time around. Interference by Alberto's cronies didn't stop the Rated R Superstar as he delivered a spear for the win after enduring much punishment focused on his bandaged left arm. After the match, Edge destroyed Alberto's Rolls Royce, which was parked on the ramp, by kicking it and smashing and scratching it with a tire iron Christian gave him.

RAW - March 28, 2011

On RAW, Edge and Christian appeared to team up and face against Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay. E&C picked up the victory after Edge delivered a spear to Clay. Afterward, Alberto attacked Christian on the outside, and the World champion chased him off. However, Del Rio came back to attack Edge from behind before he applied the cross armbar.

SmackDown - March 25, 2011

On SmackDown, Edge faced Drew McIntyre in a match in which he won, quickly making the Scot tap to the Edgeucator. Later, Edge accompanied Christian to the ring as he faced Alberto Del Rio one-on-one. However, Teddy Long warned both the World champion and the number one contender that if either one touched the other, he or both would be banned from WrestleMania. Edge didn't do anything to Del Rio but went after an interfering Ricardo Rodriguez, later spearing Brodus Clay (who attacked him) and smashing him with a chair afterward.

SmackDown - March 18, 2011

On SmackDown, Edge faced Brodus Clay in a match while Alberto Del Rio and Richard Rodriguez stood at ringside. Edge made quick work of Clay and Del Rio attacked him. Christian ran out to even up the odds, then Teddy Long appeared to make a match between Del Rio and Christian in a cage match for the main event. Edge later appeared after that bout to distract Alberto from attacking Christian. He showed up in his luxury car and pulled a steel chair from the passenger's seat, teasing at "accidentally" damaging the vehicle. However, Clay came out of nowhere to stop Edge and attacked. Alberto joined and delivered a conchairto to the World champion's left arm.

SmackDown - March 11, 2011

On SmackDown, Edge teamed up with Christian to face Alberto Del Rio and his NXT rookie, Brodus Clay, after the latter attacked the World champion in the ring and Christian ran out to help. Christian got into a bit of trouble after being isolated in the ring by the pair but finally managed a tag. Edge went for a spear on Clay, but the big rookie effortlessly knocked him down. Edge finally managed a spear for the win.

SmackDown - March 4, 2011

On SmackDown, Edge defeated Drew McIntyre in an impromptu match by making him tap out to the Edgeucator. Later, the World champion had his contract signing for the title match at WrestleMania 27 with Alberto Del Rio. A brawl ensued as Edge tried to make Del Rio pay for attacking him repeatedly recently, but Ricardo Rodriguez intervened, giving Alberto a chance to brutalize Edge. Eventually, Christian ran out and beat the hell out of Del Rio, coming to the champion's aid.

SmackDown - February 25, 2011

On SmackDown, Edge teamed with Kelly Kelly to face Drew McIntyre and Vickie Guerrero. The stipulation was that if the former lost, Vickie would be fired. Guerrero got in Edge's path as he was setting up for a spear on McIntyre, but Kelly delivered a spear of her own. The match ended when Edge nailed Drew with the spear for the win. Afterward, Vickie tried to beg for her job, but to no avail. However, Alberto Del Rio attacked Edge from behind, getting him in the arm lock.

Elimination Chamber - February 20, 2011

At Elimination Chamber, Edge was first interviewed by Todd Grisham backstage, and Drew McIntyre interrupted. The Sinister Scotsman blamed Edge for Kelly Kelly's firing, then threatened to take his World title. Edge countered by telling him Kelly and the championship had something in common - that they would never been seen with him. Later, in the chamber match, Edge and Rey Mysterio started things off, only to end up as the final two participants. Edge amazingly won the match after a spear in mid-air as Mysterio launched himself at him. Afterward, Alberto Del Rio ran in and attacked, which led to a returning and healed Christian to rush to Edge's aid.

SmackDown - February 18, 2011

On SmackDown, Edge competed in a 12-man tag match that involved all of the participants from the Elimination Chamber title matches. His match won, and Vickie Guerrero crashed the celebration by announcing that Edge was no longer World champion and fired him. Later, Teddy Long returned and made a World title match between newly-coronated Dolph Ziggler and Edge, whom he rehired. Edge quickly won with the spear and Teddy returned to fire him. The Rated R Superstar then led the crowd to a rousing chorus of "Na Na Na Goodbye."

RAW - February 14, 2011

On RAW, Edge interrupted Alberto Del Rio to pay dividends for attacking him with a guitar the other week. Shortly after, however, Vickie Guerrero appeared at the top of the ramp and announced that since Edge used an "illegal" spear the prior week on SmackDown, he was no longer World champion and that this week, the official coronation of Dolph Ziggler would take place. Ziggler came out to stand beside his girlfriend as she then declared that Edge would also lose his job because she has "proof" that he was the one who attacked SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long.

SmackDown - February 11, 2011

On SmackDown, Edge again defended his World title against Dolph Ziggler, this time with Vickie Guerrero as special referee. Once again, the spear was banned. Eventually, Vickie tried to spear Edge but injured her ankle in the process. The World champion took full advantage of the situation by delivering two spears to Ziggler and called out a new referee. Green Bay Packers hero Clay Matthews ran out in a referee's shirt and counted the three for Edge's victory.

SmackDown - February 4, 2011

On SmackDown, Edge and Kelly Kelly teamed up to defend the World Championship in a handicap mixed tag match against Dolph Ziggler and LayCool. Again, Vickie Guerrero put in a stipulation that if Edge used the spear, he would be stripped of the title. However, she didn't count on Kelly using it, which she did to take down Layla for the victory. After the match, Guerrero fired Kelly and told Edge he would be defending the championship against Ziggler again next week with her as special referee.

RAW - January 31, 2011

On RAW, Edge interrupted Alberto Del Rio's post-Royal Rumble victory celebration, where Del Rio announced he would challenge for the World title. Edge struck him, and then Del Rio pulled a cheap shot by hitting him in the shoulder with a mariachi guitar, then applying the submission hold to his arm. Later, Edge faced WWE champion the Miz in a singles match, scoring the victory via spear with a bit of an assist from John Cena, who appeared in the rafters and lead the crowd to chant "Miz sucks!"

Royal Rumble - January 30, 2011

At the Royal Rumble, Edge had to improvise in his World title defense contest against Dolph Ziggler. The spear was of course banned by Acting General Manager Vickie Guerrero, who stood ringside for her beau. Edge managed to shake off a zig zag attempt and then seemed about to prep for a spear but then thought better of it. Instead, he slapped on the Edgeucator, but Ziggler made it to the ropes. Edge went for the Impaler DDT, another former finisher, but Dolph kicked out when there was a pinfall attempt. Later, the referee was knocked out accidentally when Dolph put the sleeper hold on the champion. Vickie Guerrero was up on the apron and slapped Edge across the face as he neared her. Kelly Kelly suddenly ran out and tripped her down, beating the holy hell out of her after. With the referee and Vickie both out cold, Edge delivered a massive spear! Moments later, when the official roused, he delivered a Killswitch, a nice homage to Christian, for the win to retain his title.

SmackDown - January 28, 2011

On SmackDown, Edge was interviewed backstage and said the Miz didn't matter and that Dolph Ziggler wouldn't either come the Royal Rumble. After, Rated RKO reunited for a "Champions vs Challengers" tag team match against the WWE champion and Ziggler. Edge scored the victory for his team with a spear on Ziggler, much to the dismay of Vickie Guerrero, who got on a mic and declared the spear would be illegal at the Rumble and that if Edge used it, he would be stripped of the World Championship. The Rated R Superstar let his feelings on that be known by spearing Ziggler off the apron, then spearing him twice on the outside (with the second being meant for Vickie!).