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Hey - here is a cool idea I've come up with. I'd like to know what everyone thinks, and this goes especially for my fics. Here is where you can express to me your opinions about my stories! Let me know which is your favorite fanfic of mine, and why it's your favorite. Just fill out the form below!

Which is your favorite of all my fanfics?
  Why is this your favorite fic?


Britney: Send Me An Angel. This was a *very* tough decision... you know I love *all* your fics Renee. I picked this one because its the longest, and I think long fics have more detail and time to tell a good story. Fire & Ice and Tears of a Stranger were really close seconds, and I think that I'm really going to enjoy Over My Shoulder, your response to my challenge.

Julz: Sugar & Spice. It seems so believeable. Plus..... I dunno. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

Adam's Eve: This is a hard choice to make. Out of the 17 fics that I'm reading I love Tears of a Stranger. It has a good storyline. And I Deserve It, Comes the Twilight, Send me an Angel, Sweet Misery, Change of Heart, Sugar and Spice and My Own Prison would be close after. This is a very tough decision since I love all the fics I'm reading. Tears of a Stranger is although the one that I'm dying to know what happens next, it's the one the one that when Renee adds a new chapter I just hate to stop reading cause there isn't another chapter. Renee is a Great writer so that, too, makes it harder to pick. Tears of a Stranger was also the first fic I read that Renee wrote when I barely discovered her site. So I'm a bit more, attached, for the lack of a better word for the older fics. Not that I dont like the new ones. Okay so I love Tears of a Stranger.

RaeAnn: Tears of a Stranger, it's soo interesting..and I can relate in a way...

Arie: Tears Of A Stranger. It's one of those stories that you start reading, and you just cant stop. It's an extremely original plot and well written, I stayed up all night readin it. Needless to say, this fic definetly caught my attention. I cant wait for it to be finished. Love Wins Out was the first fic I read on the site, short and sweet. Just how I like 'em sometimes. That's also a good one! They are all great, but those 2 are my favs!

Dulse: Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. I just love how they start off hating each other, then getting sexual and then really falling in love with each other. Plus, the sex scenes were great.

Rachel: Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. This is my favorite, it's one of the first WWF/E fics I read and it turned me into an Edge/Lita Shipper. It's all your fault, Renee :)

Ozelle: Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. OMG, the fic made me cry at the end! LOL, I loved how they started off hating each other but realize that they both have feelings for each other and end up falling in love. :)

Amanda: Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate: I loved the way Amy and Adam hated each other in the beginning and then slowly started to fall in love with each other. Then, slowly, everything comes together and apart and then together again! Happy FanFic All Around!!!!!!

Scully/Adam's Eve: Nobody's Perfect. I kinda re-thought my previous answer and I kinda had to stick Nobody's Perfect in there as a tie with Tears of a Stranger. I just totally love the fics so it is hard to choose, especially when you re-read a lot of the stories.

Jen: Tears of a Stranger. I just spent the entire night reading Tears of a Stranger and I'm completely hooked. There are so many different layers to this fiction. You aren't just living her dealing with the flashbacks, you're living through her 9 day torment. *Such* an amazing plot. You are truly talented, Renee!

Bryana: Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. It was one of the first fics that I read that involved Lita and Edge as a couple and it just stuck with me.

Keri: I Deserve It. I just love how they fall in love and i just fell in love with it!!!

Traci: Send Me an Angel. I like this fic because it shows that Adam can be very vulnerable and Amy was the strong one.

Kaity McEwen: Sweet Misery. It's really interesting, which a lot of fanfics can't do. But this one has kept my attention right to the end and know I really wanna know what happens between Lita and Edge.

Kim: Gone. I love the storyline and the way you make it seem so real. I also can't wait for the next chapters to come out!

Tink: Gone. (right now at least), It's supenseful and I can't wait to find out what happens next in it.

Crimson Coin: All Trish Chris fics, Because they're Trish Chris fics. What's this ... Edge/Lita stuff?

Becca: Gone. It's a really good fic. I love the story. But I love ALL the fics on the web site.

Stace: i LOVE all of em, thats obvious..cos they involve the best two wrestlers in the WWE and the hottest LITA and EDGE!! i want em 2 go out in r/l cos it wud be amazing!!!

Queen: Invincible. Because Victoria is in it and it's well written!!

Steffie: Diabolical. :) Because Christian is too cute for words and I long to see an evil Edge non Lita/Edge fairytale story from you :)

Audrey: Change of Heart. it is well written and cute

Elizabeth: Tears of a Stranger: I love all the emotion and no matter what, Adam is always there for Amy.

Amanda: Fire & Ice: The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. It's just very creative the way that Adam and Amy get together in the story. It's just an all around great story.

Ana: Gone. It's really cool and awesome! I just can't describe it!

Maurice: Diabolical. I love the role of Christian. I canīt get enough of him *g*

Trinity: Always Winter. Because I love the Victoria Chris Jericho paring.

Laci: I can't decided which is my favortie they all rock-escpecially Edge/Lita ones!, THEY ROCK!

Aubrey: Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. It was hard choosing because all of the fics are great but this one seemed to spark my interest more.

Hardygirl112: October. Because I love the idea of Stephanie/O'Haire and I hate Triple H.

Stacey: Meant For Me. It's just sooo sweet and it seems realistic... I've got into this more than any other... I also like Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. That's great as well!! I love all your fanfics, babe... I wish I could be as good as you someday!!

Nicole: Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. The story was put together perfectly. The sex scenes were very vivid just how I like it. I went through the emotions with them and loved it.

Angelle: Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. It was a hard decision to make because all your fics are good! I love the pairing and it's a good storyline.

Candy: Happily Ever After, I Drove All Night, The Warmth, Send Me An Angel, & Obsession. I'm a huge Jeff/Trish fan.. and I read all of the fics you have with them in it and i just absoutely LOVE them all!!!!!! You're a great writer, I'm jealous! I hope you finish Obsession and Happily Ever After soon!! they're both great. I started writing a year or two ago with Jeff/Trish.. but now i just recently started a new fic called "You Are Mine" and Lita n Edge are the main couple, its on ff.net. But anywho, i think all of your fics are just great.. i think The Warmth is my absolute favorite! I just started reading these fics last month and i havent gotten to one i dont like yet! ;) Keep writin! Your fics are great!

Mary Anne: Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. The great sex scenes!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sex is better with someone you truly love and obviously, they truly love eachother by the end!!! At the beginning when they hated eachother it was weird, but then when they fell in love and got passionate - O YEAH BABY!!!! I love all of your writing, you are the greatest writer ever- I'm serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you get the chance can you write one about Melina and Johnny Nitro from MNM, because they are together in real life too and they are my #2 favorite couple of all times. Well, thanks. o- 1 more thing- Can I add you to my buddy list!?!?! If no its ok- I would understand!!!! LITA AND EDGE= TOGETHER 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma: Not Like This. Because Randy Orton is my favourite superstar so yeah and could u put him in more stories?

Rebecca: I Deserve It. I couldn't really decide between I Deserve It and Away From Me. I've read the most of the two than the others

Jenny: Gone and Meant for Me. Both of these stories are getting good and I just love them so much!!!

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