Favorite Fic?

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Katherine: Away From Me. I just really enjoyed it.

Mary Lee Willis: Comes the Twilight. I love this fic because it was simple and real. I guess that my other reason is that the moment when Edge puts his head on Lita's belly to try to hear the baby was so sweet I almost wanted to cry.

Esty: I've got 2: Water Over Wine and Sweet Misery. These are my faves because they were the first ever fanfics I read and inspired me to write fan fic! Thank you! xxx

Jenn: Send Me an Angel. It's a strong and beautiful fanfic...Is the sequel going to be finished anytime soon? I'm really looking forward to it!!

Naomi: Gone. Because I think it was really good the way Adam and Amy are able to be together and get married with their child.

Katherine: Away From Me. I hope you can finish it, then it would be a lot better.

Rebecca: Gone, Send Me an Angel, Tears of a Stranger. I couldn't pick, they were all so great. I have to say a fave would have to be Gone.

Christine Moore: Gone. I've often dreamed about what it'd be like to make love with Adam Copeland and give him a child. He's so hot!!!

Linzie: Gone. Because it's amazing!

Krystle: Not Like This and Under My Skin. I love these two stories because I'm a huge Randy/Stacy fan. I love the Edge/Lita in Under My Skin and Trish/Chris. I just love these two stories. I enjoy reading them.

Esty the Edgehead: I've got two - Water Over Wine and Sweet Misery. Because I read these fics and that's what got me into writing and reading fanfic, so thank you so much!!!

Nora: Send Me An Angel. Truthfully, I love all your fics but I have to go for this one. It's long, it has a great intrigue (I was really enjoying the thought of Triple as a rapist and murderer ^___^), it's exciting and touching, also sad and funny. To put it on one word, it's just GORGEOUS. And that's why I'm really waiting for a sequel "When the Smoke is Going Down." Though there's only 16 parts in it, it sure seems interesting already now!! Thanks for keeping writing.

Lizzie: All of them are excellent, I can't choose. There are too many of my favorites... They are all good, especially Gone, Send Me an Angel and Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. There is no reason, they are just awesome and you've done an awesome job, Renee!

Tracy: A Rose Without A Thorn, Shattered, and Away From Me. They are so well written and it seems that you can feel all the emotions there. But basically, I love all your fics!!!! Keep up the great work, and can't wait to read more!

Zack: I love all of them!!! I love all of it!!!

Naomi: Gone. It is the best ever and I can't get enough of it. I love the way the story is progressing.

Anita: October. This is my favorite one 'cause Stephanie and O'Haire were meant to be together in this story. Triple H is a jerk who doesn't deserve a woman like Stephanie. Plus this story is the BOMB!!!!!!!!

Neringa: Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. I love all the fics, but this is my favorite. They hated each other, but then that hate to each other turn to love...:)

Gemz: Gone and Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. Gone is just the sweetest story ever.

Odelia: Sugar and Spice. It's spicy.

Jillian: Dangerous Game. Because it has my favorite pairing ever (Stacy and Christian) and it's very well written and planned out.

CE: Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. This is definitely a hard decision...But, I don't know, I just really love this one!! Even though ALL of your fics are cool...:)

KNB710: Gone. Well at least right now cuz there is really a family between Adam and Amy, and becuz it's justa gr8t fic

D'Wachia Rush: Gone. Because out of all the fics I can picture this one in my head the best and I love Edge and Lita fics. You're making me think about writing fics like you.

Gina: Over My Shoulder. Well Written and even though I love Triple H and he is a bad guy in this it's still really good. I'm interested to see what happens between Stacy and Shane so Jay can kick Shane's ass (lol).

Karyn: Over My Shoulder. I love the drama, I love the storyline and the writing. Even though I'm a big Triple H fan and hate seeing him be so mean, the story is still very interesting. Shane plays a good bad guy as well and Adam is just so sweet and sexy. I could eat him up! (lol).

Alley: Over My Shoulder. I like how sweet Adam is and the drama. I feel so bad for Lita and Stacy. Please keep updating!

Tracy: I love them all!!!! I would really like to see more of On The Outside.

Rian: Restless Hearts. It made me almost cry in computer class! You're an extremely good writer! You've inspired me to write one of my own! (not about Edge and Lita though)... Restless Hearts totally rocked out loud! The rest of yours are great too! ^.^

Ashley Burton: Snowflakes or Fire and Ice. Snowflakes is so sweet, very cute. Fire and Ice is full of everything, passion, love, hate. It's awesome!

Joseph Stevens: I like all of them, because they are all good and I am Edge's biggest fan ever.

Chris: Delusional. This one had a very interesting storyline AND the usual romance that's in the rest of the stories. Basically I liked this one because it was more unique. Man Stephanie was a bitch in this one.

Mickie James #1 Fan: Message of Love. It's so cute and fluffy!

Alison: Over My Shoulder. The drama, but I wish Triple H was a good guy. Love Christian, he totally rocks. Please keep updating this fic!

Sandra: Over My Shoulder. I just love it! I think the writing is great and I love when Shane is a bad guy.

Brittany: My Own Prison. I like the pairings the most,and it's a really good story.

Skittelz: Comes The Twilight. I love the idea of Chris Benoit and Stephanie McMahon together. That and Edge and Lita are my fave couple of all time!!!

Liz: Send Me An Angel. This is my favorite fic because it shows how much Adam and Amy care about each other. They're willing to put their own life on the line for one another's safety.

Marian: Send Me an Angel. I love this fic because it's so touching.

Candice: Strangers at Heart and Diabolical. Because in both fics, you can't stop reading them and you are always wondering about what's going to happen.

Stef: Don't Walk Away. Even if it was a short fic, it was awesome! I love the story!

Mary Anne: Fire & Ice/The Fine Line Between Love & Hate. I agree with Dulse. This fic is amazing! I would love to see a WWE story like it :)

April: Send Me an Angel. It's a great fic and I love the sequel too.