One Year of Rated R » September 2005
ONE YEAR OF RATED R » September 2005

Lita delivers a Twist of Fate on HardySeptember 12, 2005: Edge has a one-on-one match against The Big Show, but shortly into it, Snitsky and Matt Hardy run to the ring to interfere. A brawl breaks out, but Edge, Lita and Snitsky start to flee. An angry Eric Bischoff comes out on a mic and announces that the match is changed to a tag team contest. Lita proves to be very instrumental in this one as she grabs Hardy's ankle at one point. Matt, angry, leaves the ring to chase after her. Shortly later, he sets Edge up to receive a Twist of Fate, but Lita runs in as the referee's back is turned and kicks him downstairs from behind. Edge then delivers the Spear for the three-count and the win for his team. He then beats up Hardy as Lita happily watches. She reaches out, gesturing to let her have him, and Edge delivers. Lita then executes a beautiful Twist of Fate on her ex-boyfriend.

Later, Lita and Edge make a speech on the stage about what Hardy's fate will be at Unforgiven, where he will face Edge in a steel cage match. Lita says, "it can all end in a cruel twist of fate." Edge declares that they will kiss Matt Hardy's career goodbye, and he and Lita lock in a passionate kiss.

Edge and Lita laying at UnforgivenSeptember 18, 2005: The steel cage match at Unforgiven proves to be a brutal affair. Edge has the upper hand for the majority of the bout, and has chance after chance to claim victory, but instead he opts to dish out more punishment on his enemy. However, this ends up backfiring as Hardy rams him face-first into the cage, busting Edge wide open. Hardy gets the upper hand and sustains it for a decent amount of time, to the point that Lita grows alarmed enough to try to climb the cage. Matt scares her off, but she runs to the timekeeper's table to grab a steel chair when she sees her man in too much trouble. Eventually, Lita enters the cage herself and throws her body onto the competitors to break up the count as Hardy is pinning Edge. Her angry ex then stalks her into the corner and gives her a Twist of Fate. Edge ends up pinned for the three after a guillotine legdrop from the top of the cage. The couple lay there pitifully afterward, defeated, and are helped to the back by a couple of referees.
Edge and LitaSeptember 26, 2005: Edge and Lita came out to the ring, where a ladder was set up. Lita was wearing a neckbrace after what happened at Unforgiven, and was holding a mic as she discussed the match her man would have the following week at Homecoming. She also noted how things had changed over the years, as when RAW debuted on Spike, the Hardy Boyz had had a ladder match against Edge and Christian, and this time, she would be there to support Edge rather than Matt Hardy. She soon handed the mic to Edge, who climbed the ladder to sit at the very top of it as he announced that he would win the following week and send Hardy off of RAW and packing. Lita suddenly fled as Hardy appeared out of nowhere. He teased at pushing down the ladder, but Edge told him not to do it and to wait for next week. Matt acted as though he would obey but shoved over the ladder anyway. Lita watched with wide eyes as she clutched the Money in the Bank briefcase (which would also be on the line in the ladder match) and yelled furiously at Hardy.