One Year of Rated R » October 2005
ONE YEAR OF RATED R » October 2005

Edge and Lita happy after Homecoming victoryOctober 3, 2005: At Homecoming, Edge faced Matt Hardy in a ladder match with the Money in the Bank briefcase/contract and his spot on RAW on the line. They took each other to the absolute limit, with plenty of crazy spots during the match. Outside the ring, Lita launched onto Hardy's back in an attempt to help out Edge. Matt threw her off and charged after her as she sat on the arena floor. Edge came back just in time for the rescue.

In the end, Hardy fell to defeat as Edge tangled his arms in the top rope and Lita latched herself onto him, holding him in place as her man climbed the ladder to grab his briefcase and the win. After the match, Lita and Edge taunted and teased Hardy, waving goodbye to him as officials dragged Matt away.

Edge in painOctober 17, 2005: Edge faces The Big Show in a one-on-one contest. Lita lends a hand at one point by grabbing Show's wrist as distraction. The giant in turn, grabbed her and pulled her up onto the apron, but Edge saved her. Just as Edge was about to go for the pin on his opponent, the TitanTron came to life with JBL's theme music and movie. Thanks to this distraction, Show ended up getting the win. Later, Edge and Lita went to Eric Bischoff's office to complain, and the General Manager advised Edge to do something about it if it upset him that much.

Later on, Edge is part of a battle royal with several other superstars and ends up getting injured - he tears his pectoral muscle as he goes over the top rope. He isn't officially eliminated but is taken out of the match because of the injury.

Edge poised to deliver a SpearOctober 21, 2005: Edge turns up on SmackDown during the Rey Mysterio and JBL match, seemingly to go after JBL for revenge. However, there's a bit of a swerve as Edge hits the Spear on Mysterio instead. Afterward, he exits the same way he arrived - through the crowd.

Later, Rey Mysterio approaches SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long and demands a match against Edge. Long tells him he will "work his magic" and deliver this match.

Edge angry as Lita is left laying after getting a 619October 24, 2005: Edge, Lita and Chris Masters (who also appeared on SmackDown for an ambush) are in the ring talking about the SmackDown superstars they tricked the previous week. It turns out that JBL actually arrives at RAW and is shown on the TitanTron. The trio poke fun at him as he angrily addresses them. Masters is tricked into going out to the parking lot while Rey Mysterio runs out from the crowd to deliver a dropkick to Edge's back. Afterward, he sets up Lita for the 619 and hits her with it! Edge comes back into the ring to check on his girlfriend and stares furiously toward the ramp.

It is also addressed that Edge and Masters would team up against two SmackDown superstars (the choices are JBL, Rey Mysterio, Christian and Matt Hardy) in an interbrand match at Taboo Tuesday.