One Year of Rated R » November 2005
ONE YEAR OF RATED R » November 2005

Edge and LitaNovember 7, 2005: To kick off RAW, Eric Bischoff had all the superstars around the ring as he addressed them for the events at Taboo Tuesday the week before. Eventually, he got to Edge and Lita and admonished them for Edge walking out on the interbrand match at the pay-per-view. As punishment, Bischoff announced he was sending them to SmackDown later in the week so that Edge could face World Heavyweight Champion Batista in a Street Fight. After that, he banished them from "his" ring. As the couple were departing, the other superstars sang the "Hey Na Na Goodbye" song to them.

Lita meets the BoogeymanNovember 11, 2005: As expected, Edge and Lita appear on SmackDown this week. The first time we see them, they are backstage in General Manager Teddy Long's office. Edge tries to appeal to the GM by asking him to call off his match with Batista. Long refuses and says that the match is still on.

Next, the couple are backstage in a locker room, with Edge fretting over the upcoming match. Lita tries to comfort him, and he decides to try to talk to the World Champion himself. Lita stays there, but isn't actually alone as she meets The Boogeyman, who was hiding behind the couch on which she is sitting.

Later, Edge and Lita go to the ring for the Street Fight, but they have a little something - actually BIG somethings - up their sleeves for Batista in the form of the new World Tag Team Champions Kane and The Big Show. The two behemoths take him out as Edge and Lita stand over him and laugh at how they outsmarted SmackDown.

Edge and Lita at Survivor SeriesNovember 27, 2005: At Survivor Series, although not involved in a match, Edge and Lita hit the ring to announce they will be unveiling a brand new talk show. Edge announces that it will be unlike any other before it - brutally honest, direct, cutting, and to the point. They would push buttons that no one else ever has had the guts to push. Lita pointed out to her man that they had a special guest in the audience in the form of Detroit Tigers Designated Hitter Dmitri Young. Edge addressed the MLB player and insulted his team and other sports teams from Detroit. He then had Lita take a mic and approach Young, who wanted to respond. Dmitri came back with some insults of his own, saying they had something in common - he hits balls, and Edge "has no balls." He then pointed at all the pennants teams from the city had won over the years hanging in the rafters. Angry, Edge and Lita left the arena.