One Year of Rated R » May 2006

Edge and Lita shaking hands with Mick FoleyMay 1, 2006: On RAW, The Cutting Edge makes its comeback as Lita announces her man in the ring. Edge comes to the ring with a very noticeable large bruise on his face, thanks to a sledgehammer shot administered by Triple H the prior night at Backlash. He yells at the fans for the poor showing of respect they give him, then announces that their guest for the night is the "former" Hardcore legend, Mick Foley. Foley comes out and tells them that even though he lost in their match at WrestleMania, things went very, very right for him. On the TitanTron, a clip from the end of the match is shown, and Foley focuses on a shot of Edge sitting bleeding, with Lita checking on him, after it was all over - declaring that as his "defining WrestleMania moment." Mick then challenges Edge to a rematch for that night, but Edge turns him down. However, he agrees to face Foley in any type of match he wants the following week on RAW.

Edge and Lita on the same side as FoleyMay 8, 2006: As promised, Edge and Lita head to the ring for Edge's return Hardcore match with Mick Foley from WrestleMania 22 - but Foley has other ideas... He announces that since Edge claimed the prior week that he would face him in "any type of match," it is now going to be a triple threat match including ECW legend Tommy Dreamer. Edge and Lita stare on in shock and horror as Foley and the Innovator of Violence, carrying a kendo stick, make their way to the ring. Edge seems tentative at first, clutching his baseball bat, but as he makes his way onto the ring apron, Mick swings Barbie and hits Dreamer in the back with it. Then, in a shocker of a move, Foley hands Barbie to Edge, and the two batter and brutalize Dreamer. Lita gets involved as well as she and Edge hold up the Innovator of Violence and Foley smashes him with Barbie. Edge then delivers a Spear and makes a pin for the three-count, and afterward, he, Lita and Foley shake hands and stand victorious together!
Edge, Lita and Foley taking out Terry FunkMay 15, 2006: Edge and Lita run out to save Mick Foley when a physical altercation broke out between Mick and Terry Funk. Lita snuck up from behind to deliver a low blow while Edge picked up the barbed wire bat. The Rated R Superstar and his new buddy then took turns hitting their foe with it, and then Edge issued a Spear on the ECW legend!

Well, it's been a GREAT year for our Rated R Couple! Here's hoping there will be yet another great year!