One Year of Rated R » May 2005

Edge and Lita's first kissMay 16, 2005: Edge and Lita first got together as a couple on RAW on May 16, 2005. Edge (then aka Mr. Money in the Bank) had advanced to the finals in the Gold Rush Tournament, along with Kane (Lita was, at this time, of course married to Kane). The winner of this very important match would end up getting a shot at Batista's World Championship the following week on RAW. At one point, the referee got knocked unconscious. Kane went up the turnbuckle for his next attack, but Lita climbed up the apron, distracting her husband. When she climbed back down to the arena floor, she grabbed the Money in the Bank briefcase, all smiles for Kane, as though telling him she had his back. But instead, she tossed the briefcase to Edge, who smashed it into the monster's head. Lita took the briefcase back, getting it out of the ring, then shook the referee back to his senses as Edge made the cover... 1-2-3, Edge was victorious.

Afterward, the two embraced in the ring as they stared down at the fallen and defeated Kane, then made their way very lovingly up the ramp. Kane sat up and glared at them, and then, gazing into one another's eyes, Lita and Edge engaged in a most passionate kiss - much to the shock of Kane and all the fans watching.

Edge and Lita explainMay 23, 2005: Edge and Lita kick off RAW by heading to the ring for one of the best promos in the history of the show. They made the big announcement and offered explanations for their actions the previous week. As the crowd booed, Lita cracked a comment about how she forgot she was in a "roomful of saints," and yelled, "Just because I've had more action in the past few months than most of you have had in your entire lives, don't be jealous of me, okay?!" She explained why she "betrayed" Kane, and how, while he was busy running her errands, she was busy falling in love - with Edge. Edge got on the mic after Lita announced him as the next World Heavyweight Champion, laughing, saying, "This feels good. This feels very good." He looked into Lita's eyes and told her that they didn't owe any apologies or explanations and told the crowd, "You're all jealous - jealous because we look the way we do... Jealous because we DO the things we do." They closed out with another passionate kiss before leaving the ring.
Edge and Lita kissMay 30, 2005: Lita is expected to appear along with Kane on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel but never shows up. Instead, Edge appears on the TitanTron to let Kane know that he won't put his girlfriend in harm's way, and that if he wants to hear from her, she'll talk to him from back there in the locker room. Lita comes over into camera's view and announces that Kane is "like a 4th grader in the bedroom" and that she has officially filed for divorce. Then, she and Edge go into the bathroom and Lita removes her wedding ring and tosses it into the toilet. Edge waves and says, "bye bye" and flushes it down, and then he and Lita celebrate with a long, hungry kiss.