One Year of Rated R » March 2006
ONE YEAR OF RATED R » March 2006

Lita in a match against MariaMarch 6, 2006: Lita has a one-on-one match against Maria and has Edge in her corner. It isn't much of a match as it is more of a squash with Lita getting the win in a few minutes with her Kiss of Death DDT. Afterward, Edge enters the ring and removes his jacket as Lita takes hold of her fallen opponent and sets her up for the Spear. Mick Foley runs out to make the save, but he is unable to save himself as Edge delivers a Spear on him instead, then runs out of the ring for two chairs and hits a conchairto on him.

Afterward, Edge grabs a mic and gets down to Foley's level, telling him he accepts his challenge for the Hardcore match at WrestleMania.

Edge and Lita getting affectionateMarch 18, 2006: The Cutting Edge makes its long-awaited return on Saturday Night's Main Event. There are hardcore items all around the ring - a table, kendo stick, and various other items. Edge announces that Mick Foley is supposed to be their special guest for the night. The Rated R Superstar made fun of his WrestleMania opponent, saying that he's lost his hardcore roots and now resorts to entertaining people with a sock puppet on his hand. Foley finally comes out and heads for the ring. Edge squirts lighter fluid on the table and lights it with a lighter, setting it on fire. The fire gets put out immediately. Mick goes in and the two brawl, and he empties a bag of tacks on the canvas. Lita smacks Foley in the back with the kendo stick and Edge tosses him into the tacks. But Foley is the one who gets the last laugh this time as he gives chase on the ramp and nails Edge with a conchairto.
Lita gets the Mandible Claw from FoleyMarch 20, 2006: Mick Foley is in the ring talking about what happened at Saturday Night's Main Event, and what will happen at WrestleMania. Edge's music suddenly blares, and Lita emerges from the smoke - without Edge. She enters the ring and explains that Edge wants to call off the hardcore match, that he is still in Detroit, can't travel and has vertigo. She tries to convince Mick to just have a regular wrestling match with Edge, and that this could be his WrestleMania moment. Foley, one step ahead, says that he knows it's a setup and that Edge will attack him from behind while "his sweet, innocent little girlfriend" distracts him. He yelled at her to slap him, which she did, and Edge does run from the crowd. However, Foley catches Lita as she tries to give him a low blow and gives her the Mandible Claw instead while Edge stares on in shock outside the ring.
Edge and LitaMarch 27, 2006: Mick Foley again goes to the ring to make a speech about the upcoming hardcore match at WrestleMania, and to apologize for giving Lita the Mandible Claw the last week. He has a bouquet of red roses for her and another box he leaves at the top of the ramp for Edge, calling them "gifts." Edge and Lita come out to respond, and Edge asks him why they should accept anything from him. Eventually, at Foley's insistence, he opens the box and pulls out a baseball bat. He charges to the ring with it, but Foley gets one up on him as he pulls Barbie out of his own box. Edge and Lita flee into the audience.