One Year of Rated R » June 2005

Edge and Lita cuddlingJune 13, 2005: Lita came out when Kane was in the ring to make some big announcements. First, she called out Gene Snitsky, telling him it really WASN'T his fault that she lost Kane's baby - and that it was Kane's fault. She also thanked him for making her lose a monster child and gave him a quick kiss. Second, she announced her new fiance, Edge, and said that since Kane agreed to an annulment (she made that announcement the week before), she and Edge were getting married the next week on RAW! Edge was wearing Kane's new T-shirt, which read, "The One Eyed Monster." He pointed to the picture and words on the shirt and told Kane that next week, he was going to show Lita "the REAL One Eyed Monster." The two concluded their announcement as Lita jumped up into Edge's arms and the two kissed and embraced.

Edge and Lita's weddingJune 20, 2005: Edge and Lita have a beautiful but unique wedding in the middle of the ring. Lita's wedding dress is the most outrageous ever seen in the WWE, extremely revealing. The priest announces that a very large, rather strange-looking man insisted on speaking to them before they exchange vows, and the couple look frantically worried thinking it's Kane. Instead, Snitsky's music hits and he comes out in a tuxedo with the sleeves cut out. He winks at them as Edge and Lita smile and wave at him and then reads a "special passage" entitled, "It's Not My Fault" that he wrote especially for the joyous occasion.

After Snitsky leaves, the priest allows Lita and Edge to deliver their vows, and as he gets to the part about whether anyone has cause as to why they shouldn't be wed, Matt Hardy's theme music suddenly plays! The pair look around in shock but then reveal that it's all a ruse. However, before the priest can declare them husband and wife, Kane's head suddenly appears from under a hole in the ring and he grabs Lita's ankle! Chaos ensues, the makeshift wedding chapel is trashed, and Edge picks Lita up and runs to safety up the ramp. The priest doesn't have such good luck as Kane ends up tombstoning him!

Kane choking LitaJune 27, 2005: Edge and Snitsky are scheduled in a tag team match against Kane and the newest draft pick to RAW, Big Show, but Edge and Lita flee from the monster. They are shown running in the backstage area of the arena, and Lita has to collect her things before they leave. She goes into their locker room but is surprised by Kane, whose reflection appears behind her in the mirror. Kane grabs Lita by the throat and forces her into a chair, choking her. In a low voice, he tells her that she had her fun, and now he'll have his, and he vows to make her life a living hell.