One Year of Rated R » July 2005

Edge and Lita shocked after ambushJuly 11, 2005: Edge and Lita are shown walking through the hallway backstage on their way to the ring for Edge's match against Kane but are blindsided by an attacker! The camera shifts so that the viewers watching from home can see that the attaker is none other than the fired Matt Hardy! Later on, during the match, Hardy runs out from the crowd to ambush Edge once again. The two former friends turned bitter enemies go at it in the ring as security comes out to separate them. When they get Hardy out of the ring, he grabs a microphone and trash talks both Edge and Lita, then plugs a show he is doing for Ring of Honor. Police rush over and grab him, put handcuffs on him and escort him out of the arena.

Edge and LitaJuly 18, 2005: Todd Grisham interviews Edge, of course accompanied by Lita, backstage before his steel cage match with Kane. Edge gets annoyed that Todd doesn't also announce Lita, who raises a hand and waves at him. He then says the cage will trap him with a nearly 7-foot, psychotic monster, but it will also keep "all the other little psychotic monsters out," referring to Matt Hardy. Edge then said it made him sick that so many geeks who probably have never even had a relationship have commented on their personal lives for the past six months.

Later on, Hardy again appeared to attack as Edge and Lita arrived at ringside, and security again grabbed him. However, this time he manages to flee through the crowd. Edge emerges victorious in the cage match against Kane.

Lita laying unconscious after Kane's tombstoneJuly 25, 2005: Edge once again faces Kane, this time in a stretcher match. Lita is at ringside but makes sure to get physically involved on behalf of her boyfriend, including whacking Kane with a kendo stick. Kane puts Edge on the stretcher and wheels him up the ramp (the winner had to get the stretcher to the stage). Lita provides distraction and Edge one-ups his foe. Lita helps Edge to lug the stretcher up the ramp after using the Money in the Bank briefcase as a weapon. Edge wins, and Lita kisses him, but they fail to see Kane suddenly sit up on the stretcher. The Big Red Monster hurls Edge head-first into the side of the stage and then goes after Lita. Ignoring her begging, he tombstones her. Edge rouses and crawls over to his girlfriend as EMTs and other officials are tending to her. Matt Hardy, for the third week in a row, runs out of nowhere to attack him, and the two fight yet again until security pulls them apart.

Moments later, Lita is shown being put into the back of an ambulance, and Kane appears. He beats up a policeman, asks Lita if she's ever taken a ride on the "Highway to Hell" and then hijacks her ambulance.