One Year of Rated R » January 2006
ONE YEAR OF RATED R » January 2006

Edge and Lita retreat from FlairJanuary 2, 2006: Edge and Lita come out to the stage to once again address Ric Flair. Edge announces that at New Year's Revolution, he is going to "rescue" the Intercontinental Championship from him. He then announces that he has gotten hold of some exclusive video footage from the night of Flair's road rage incident, and a video is shown. However, in reality, it's Edge dressed up as Flair in a car on a highway, and he has an altercation with another car. The video ends with "Flair" attacking the driver and putting him in the Figure Four Leglock. Afterward, Edge brings up the subject of the Nature Boy's divorce and Lita says, "We hope she gets everything." Ric runs out shortly thereafter and attacks Edge, who runs to the ring. Flair chases him, Lita follows. Once in the ring, Flair is about to put the Figure Four on Edge when Lita makes the save by jumping on his back. Flair flips her over his back as Edge runs away without seeing it. Lita gets put in the hold instead, and Edge finally realizes it when he is at the stage and hears her screaming. He runs back and Flair releases the hold. Edge then collects Lita and shouts angrily at the Nature Boy.

Edge and Lita at New Year's RevolutionJanuary 8, 2006: At New Year's Revolution, Edge gets disqualified against Ric Flair when he hits the Nature Boy in the head with his Money in the Bank briefcase as Flair has Lita in the Figure Four. Shortly after, Lita brings her boyfriend to a backstage room where superstars are being interviewed for's Instant Access. Edge is upset and doesn't want any part of it. He tells her to take care of it herself, and she does. Not much later, she is about to leave the room as Women's Champion Trish Stratus enters. The two engaged in an intense staredown before Lita exits.

The biggest surprise of not only the night but the year occurs after the Elimination Chamber, when Mr. McMahon announces that one more match is going to happen - John Cena would defend the WWE Championship against Edge, who was cashing in his Money in the Bank privilege right then and there. The match was extremely short after Cena's battle in the grueling Chamber, but two Spears later, Edge emerged victorious and the new WWE Champion! He and Lita shed tears of joy and embraced and kissed to celebrate.

Then, later, shown as an exclusive video on, the two left the arena and were interviewed by Todd Grisham, where Edge announced that they were going to celebrate HIS way - they would have live, torrid sex in the middle of the ring on RAW the next night!

Edge and Lita during their live sex on RAWJanuary 9, 2006: Early in the evening, Lita came out to exchange words with John Cena, who stood in the ring talking about what happened at the pay-per-view. Lita told him that Edge would not be seeing any action that night with anyone besides HER, and that it would in fact be a threesome, because the WWE Championship would be involved as well.

As the main event of the night, the couple met up and went to the ring, where a bed was set up. Things got very heated and racy as they undressed one another and made out, eventually making their way to the bed. Edge put Lita in a doggystyle position as he unclasped her bra. They then got under the blanket in the bed where things got even hotter, but an interruption came in the form of Ric Flair. Flair expressed that he couldn't believe his eyes and called Edge "not only a bad champion but dead in the bed." He approached the ring, and Edge put on his pants and fought him off, then delivered a conchairto to Flair on the announce table. Cena then ran out from the crowd to ambush Edge as well, and Edge ran off with the belt, but Lita was left in the bed mostly naked with Cena standing there. The evening ended with an FU on Lita!

Edge with a tableJanuary 16, 2006: Edge has a ladder match against Ric Flair with the WWE Championship on the line and hanging high above the ring. The match is surprisingly chock full of high risk maneuvers, even excuted by the 57-year-old Flair. Lita helps out her man by holding the Nature Boy on a table as he climbs up a ladder in the ring and delivers a diving crossbody. He later takes an incredibly insane bump as Flair shoves a ladder with Edge on it, and goes sailing through a table below on the arena floor. Ric gets pretty close to grabbing the title as Edge is laying there, but Lita races into the ring and pulls him off the ladder, throws him to the canvas and begins punching him. The Nature Boy, however, grabs her and locks on the Figure Four. This is short-lived as Edge makes the save, then climbs the ladder to claim his championship and victory. But before any celebration can take place, John Cena runs to the ring and starts beating up the champ!
Edge and Lita with Todd Grisham at the Royal RumbleJanuary 29, 2006: At the Royal Rumble, Edge ends up tapping out to John Cena's STFU and the title goes right back to Cena. Afterward, upset, the couple go back to the backstage area, where they are stopped by Todd Grisham for an interview. Edge has nothing to say except to yell and call him "Poindexter," and he storms off. Lita stays and Grisham addresses her. She yells at him as well, saying "How dare you!" She then gets distracted by a new presence, and the camera zooms out to show Hacksaw Jim Duggan with his 2x4. He tells her he is there on behalf of John Cena and then yells "Hoooooo!"