One Year of Rated R » December 2005
ONE YEAR OF RATED R » December 2005

Edge and Lita on The Cutting EdgeDecember 5, 2005: Edge and Lita unveil The Cutting Edge on RAW with their special guest announced as being Nature Boy Ric Flair. Flair, however, never shows and instead they talk about him in very disparaging ways, bringing up his road rage incident and arrest, his wreckage of a personal life and impending divorce. They keep it up until Michael Hayes and Sargeant Slaughter come to the ring to tell them the show is over and to leave. Edge refuses, stating that it's their time right now. Lita makes fun of the two by calling them "two legends who earn a paycheck by kissing Vince McMahon's ass." Hayes gets in Edge's face about disrespecting Flair and delivers a verbal low blow by asking him how many World Championships he's won. He then says that the only reason Edge has his show is because "you're banging Matt Hardy's ex-girlfriend." That did it, and a brawl broke out. Hayes delivered some punches, but Lita jumped on his back, raking his eyes as Edge gave Sarge a low blow kick. The couple exchanged a small kiss in celebration.

Edge and Lita making fun of Ric FlairDecember 12, 2005: Edge and Lita encounter Ric Flair backstage after the Nature Boy's loss in his Elimination Chamber qualifying match against Kurt Angle. They picked up where they'd left off the previous week during The Cutting Edge, with Lita laughing that Flair "can't beat anyone in the ring anymore." Flair grew annoyed and glared at them as Edge pulled Lita in front of him and asked how it would look if he got into another physical altercation, but this time with a woman. Lita put her head back and pointed at her jaw, as though daring him to hit her. Edge yelled "Whoo" in his face a few times, and the two left the Nature Boy with laughter trailing after them.
Edge and Lita, The Cutting Edge, Part 2December 26, 2005: The Cutting Edge returns with once again Ric Flair as the intended special guest. However, instead of the actual Nature Boy, someone impersonates him with their mouth appearing and speaking in a cutout of Flair's head. Edge and Lita both grill "Ric" with questions about his road rage incident. Edge gets him to admit that HE is the better man, not Flair. Shortly after, the real Nature Boy comes out to attack Edge. However, Lita proves once again to be a valuable asset as she distracts him and Edge gets the upper hand.