One Year of Rated R » August 2005
ONE YEAR OF RATED R » August 2005

Edge beating the hell out of Matt HardyAugust 8, 2005: Edge and Lita are shown backstage in their locker room, with Lita donning a neckbrace. Edge is angry as he explains that security was placed outside the room - however, the security is not for their protection but for Matt Hardy's. He goes into one of the best promos ever and says that Hardy is upset because his girlfriend fell in love with a main eventer, and that Matt was with her for 6 years but never proposed. He also points out that Hardy is now in the main event because "you're riding my coattails in." He told his enemy to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame, enjoy it while it lasts.

Later on, Matt has his first match since returning on RAW against Snitsky. He scores the victory but doesn't get the chance to enjoy it as Edge runs to the ring and beats on him with stiff left and rights. It isn't much of a fight in that it's one-sided, but security run in to break it up. As Hardy is soon after being escorted out of the building, he breaks free and runs into Edge and Lita's locker room to attack Edge. Security again break it up.

Lita and Edge on Byte This!August 17, 2005: Edge and Lita appear on's Byte This! along with Matt Hardy to discuss their personal issues and how they led up to the upcoming match between Edge and Hardy at SummerSlam. Hardy is biting, cutting and quick to hurl the mud while Lita is mostly silent and Edge has plenty of level-headed and mature comebacks. Edge scoffs at Hardy's comments about wishing he would die in a car crash and says that there were mistakes made by everyone, but that he is human and he'll continue to make mistakes the rest of his life. He points out, however, that it is not a mistake he is sitting beside Lita now. Hardy goes on an angry tirade and tells Edge he will give him the "beating of a lifetime" at SummerSlam. Eventually, Edge has the best line of all when he tells Matt to either "nut up or shut up," and he and Lita leave.
Edge and Lita victorious at SummerSlamAugust 21, 2005: Matt Hardy ends up eating his words at SummerSlam, where Edge puts a lot more of a beatdown on him than the other way around. Edge delivers an amazing Spear to Hardy through the second ring rope and to the floor. Hardy gets Edge in the turnbuckle and mounts to deliver a series of punches, but Edge grabs him and tosses him face-first into the steel ring post in retaliation. Hardy gets busted wide open and Edge delivers an assault that leads up to the referee calling for the bell when he doesn't believe Matt can continue. Edge is declared the winner, and he and Lita laugh and celebrate as they head up the ramp.
Lita and Edge's entranceAugust 22, 2005: General Manager Eric Bischoff gives Edge the night off but makes Matt Hardy wrestle a match against Rob Conway. Edge and Lita make their way out and to the announce table before the match starts, much to Hardy's dismay. Conway gets a quick upper hand by taking advantage of his opponent's distraction. Edge and Lita provide some amusing color commentary. Hardy ends up with the loss as Conway gets a CLEAN victory. Edge and Lita then make their way to the ring, and Edge attacks Hardy. Lita stands on the outside with a big smile on her face until Matt hits Edge back. However, Edge is several steps ahead as he sets Hardy up with the steel ring step, then kicks the step into his foe's head. The couple back away gleefully as the referee checks on the nearly unconscious Matt.
Edge and HardyAugust 29, 2005: Edge is shown hanging out backstage with Alter Bridge. Todd Grisham interrupts the band playing a song for an interview, and Edge gets annoyed. Todd asks him about the upcoming Street Fight he has against Matt Hardy later that night, pointing out that Lita is nowhere in sight. Edge smirks and tells him that Lita is off doing an errand for him. Shortly after, we see her approach Matt in another area backstage, and she warns him, explaining that she spent a long time "warming Edge up." As Hardy merely glares at her, Lita unzippers her light jacket, revealing herself in a very lowcut, very revealing black shirt. She asks him how it feels to know that he will never again experience this, then tells him he's pathetic and can go to hell. Matt smiles and tells her in a low voice that he IS going to hell, but he's taking Edge with him.

Later, the Street Fight is a great match with lots of crazy bumps and spots, but it ends up in a no contest after Hardy delivers a Side Effect on Edge that takes both of them off the stage and into a table below. Officials and EMTs rush to the scene and take each wrestler away on stretchers.