One Year of Rated R » April 2006
ONE YEAR OF RATED R » April 2006

Edge and Lita at WrestleManiaApril 2, 2006: At WrestleMania, Edge and Lita come out wearing adorable matching outfits. Edge still has the baseball bat Mick Foley gave him the prior week on RAW and seems ready for the match. Foley soon comes out, and it is a bloody and brutal contest as Edge delivers a Spear very early on. He writhes in pain, and it is revealed that Foley wrapped barbed wire around his torso, leaving Edge with a bloody arm. Foley bleeds from the face first as Edge uses Barbie against him. Mick rebounds with Socko, shoving it and a strip of barbed wire into Edge's, and then Lita's, mouth. The match ends as Edge Spears Foley through the ropes onto a flaming table on the arena floor below. Edge gets the pinfall and the win.

Edge and LitaApril 3, 2006: RAW starts with John Cena and Triple H in the ring, with Triple H demanding a rematch for the WWE Championship after his loss at WrestleMania. Edge's voice then interrupts, and he and Lita make their way to the ring. Edge tells "The Game" that he thinks he owns this place and can give himself title shot after title shot, but that he tapped out and therefore goes to the back of the line. He, meanwhile, was victorious at WrestleMania. The three end up setting a match for the main event, where Edge would team with Triple H to face Cena in a handicap match.

During the match, Edge does all the work while Triple H lounges on the turnbuckle. There is a mishap when the Rated R Superstar accidentally nails Triple H with a Spear meant for Cena. He shrugs it off and the champ hits punches on him in the corner. Triple H gets back up, shoves Cena out of the way and beats on Edge himself. Cena tries to go for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Triple H gets him in the Pedigree and pins him for the three. Afterward, Edge stares after him with anger.

Edge in John Cena's STFUApril 10, 2006: It is announced that at Backlash, there will be a triple threat match for the WWE Championship. As for RAW, for the second week in a row, Edge, John Cena and Triple H are involved in a handicap match together - only this time, Cena and Triple H team up to take on Edge. Lita serves as a good asset at ringside as she distracts Triple H. Edge beats him up outside the ring and throws him into the steel steps. At the end, Triple H pulls Edge off of Cena's shoulders as the champ was preparing for an FU and Pedigrees him. Cena picks up Triple H and gives him the FU instead, then slaps the STFU on Edge, who quickly taps out.
Edge and Lita with the last laughApril 17, 2006: Early in the night, Triple H encounters WWE Chairman Vince McMahon backstage as he is leaving the arena. An angry Vince verbally recalls that last week, "The Game" called him "the old man." For that, he was punishing Triple H by making him face both Edge and John Cena in a handicap match in the main event.

Later, backstage before the match, Triple H approaches Edge and Lita and tells Edge that he can blame Mick Foley all he wants, but it was Cena who beat him for the title. And in the match, it is Edge who gets the last laugh - the referee gets knocked out, Triple H retrieves his sledgehammer and uses it on Cena, but Edge is too quick and delivers a Spear for the three-count and the win. He and Lita laugh as they look back toward the ring, where Cena still lays out cold and Triple H stares angrily after them.

Edge and Lita laughing yet againApril 24, 2006: For the second week in a row, Edge and Lita outsmart John Cena and Triple H (well, maybe not Cena so much as Triple H) as Edge speaks privately with Cena and Lita talks with "The Game." It's mentioned that Edge and the other two competitors have got to stay on the same page for their evening's handicap tag team match against The Spirit Squad. Edge actually starts off the contest for his team but ends up walking away with Lita as Cena and Triple H are fighting it out in the ring together against their opponents. The couple laugh it up on the ramp, with Edge perfectly happy to do so instead of fight alongside his two nemeses and foes for the WWE Championship.
Edge holding Triple H's sledgehammerApril 30, 2006: Edge faces John Cena and Triple H in a no DQ triple threat match for the WWE Championship at Backlash. He gets put in Cena's STFU, delivers an Edgecution to Triple H on the Spanish announce table and gets bashed in the head with a chair by Triple H but still stays strong throughout it all. Lita gets involved in the bout by grabbing the top rope as Cena is preparing for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and then later brings a chair into the ring to hit Triple H, only to fall victim to a Spinebuster (complete with the chair falling from her hands to hit her on the head). Unfortunately, although Edge doesn't win the match and the title along with it, it is Triple H who actually loses.