Why Edge?

It's simple... I first saw Edge sometime back in 1998, during an episode of Sunday Night Heat, back when it was on the USA network. He was making that really cool entrance along with Christian and Gangrel of the Brood, coming up in that elevator thingy up from the floor. I was *instantly* intrigued. I watched the trio in the ring, and it was really Edge & Christian who really wowed me the most. I just love their style of wrestling. Although I grew up a huge WWF fan in the 80s, I sort of lost touch with the company in the mid-to-late 90s and was a lot more loyal to WCW. Anyway, Edge and Christian's wrestling techniques really reminded me of that of the Cruiserweights in WCW, and those smaller guys were my favorite wrestlers. Then, when I saw them take on the Hardy Boyz (two other favorites of mine), I was absolutely enthralled. I thought the WWF's storylines at this time were pretty lame, but I started watching Heat on a regular basis because of these guys, plus I've also always been a big Chyna/Joanie Laurer fan!

Anyway, I became an even BIGGER Edge (*and* Christian) fan after they split from Gangrel and went out on their own. I loved their on-again/off-again feud and contests with the Hardys - there was never a dull moment when those four guys were in the ring together. However, to me, the best was when Edge & Christian turned heel after winning the Tag Team titles. They were absolutely hilarious, and I loved them and their antics! Then, by September 2001, when Christian turned on Edge, I pretty much sided more with Edge, the face. Not to say I stopped loving Christian as well, but I always liked Edge better between the two of them, anyway. =P

All in all, Edge, and, more importantly, Adam is such a cool and awesome person that I decided to start this site and dedicate it to him. He's really an inspiration, and in more ways than one. I definitely feel a kinship toward him, because we have a lot in common. Like him, I'm also a talented artist. Also, like him, I grew up without a father. I admit, I was surprised when I first read this particular fact about him. It's cool that we both turned out fine, despite the 'statistics.'

Well, that's my little Why Edge? story. LOL.