First of all, I have to thank Adam Copeland, aka Edge for being such an awesome person and superstar and for inspiring me to create this site. He has entertained so many loyal fans over the last few years, and there's never been a dull moment! Also, it's great to see how much he truly loves and appreciates his fans (just check out the Edgeucation Commentaries for the proof of that!). I always had respect for Adam, but with the way he regards and treats his fans, that respect has increased even more.

Thanks go out to all of Edge's fans, because the site wouldn't be what it is today without all of you! A big shout-out goes to all of you who are regular frequents to the site. ;) I really appreciate you all, and I look forward to seeing your messages on the tagboard, emails in my inbox and your responses to the features on the Fun section. I always love to know what all of you think, and I especially love your feedback on my fanfics. Because of you, I am inspired to constantly add and improve on what you already see here. Thanks to all my peeps, to quote Christian! =D LOL!

Thanks also to a few friends, some for helping me out over the last couple of years, some for such amazing support. Most of all, I want to thank:

Chris of and formerly of and You have no idea what a big inspiration you were to me way back when. Your website was to me the best thing online, and basically thanks to you, I wanted to strive to make mine equally awesome.

Justin of and Sarah of Look at how far you guys have come since I hosted you both! You two have awesome websites, and I'm happy to have been your first hostess. You guys got me screencaps before I ever had my own capper, so for that I'm so grateful.

Chan of You were so nice to offer me content from when it closed, and the Edge fanlisting, which was a TOTAL surprise. I can't thank you enough also for being such a huge help to me in setting up the fanlisting on my server. Without you, I definitely would have had to redo it all!

Britney of double reality: My loyal fan and hostee! I can't stress how much I appreciate all the support you've given me and AOTE over the years. You very well might have been the first person to discover the site, since it was on Angelfire way back when. You've also been a good friend, even if we don't chat a lot these last few months. Also, I'm honored that you consider me such a big influence where your own writing is concerned.

Crimson Coin: You really gave me a good kick in the ass where my fanfic writing is concerned. As a fan of your fics, I am really flattered that you have enjoyed mine as much as you have - even if I hardly ever write your pairing (lol). And although we haven't spoken in a couple of months (you need to get back online!), you are a great friend.

Sam: Even though we only met later last year, you have been such a great friend. You have also given me a few good kicks in the ass to do more fanfic writing, lol! You might be my most loyal reader, and are definitely a good person to talk with about anything. And I'm happy you took me up on the offer to help me write Adam Weekly!

Ladie Butterfly of and You have been such an awesome friend to me! You were nice enough to offer to host my galleries for awhile when I didn't have a lot of space on my server, and you and Rick helped me out when I was having computer problems! Thanks also for all the help with my Yahoo! group - without you, I probably would have a lot less members. I also have enjoyed co-webbing moonlight fanfic awards with you and hope we DO go through with it again, and soon! And you have been a very supportive and sympathetic ear (or eye, lol) when I needed a friend to talk to about various problems and stuff.

Anne of You're a great friend and have helped me out so much, particularly on the forums. I don't know what I'd do without you. And I have to also thank you for all the donations you've given me for the site!

Irene: Wow, can you believe we've been friends for 16 years now? Although we actually met 17 years ago in Miss Del Busto's Conversational Spanish class, but you don't remember! You're my best friend and have been so supportive through thick and thin with everything. And I hope we continue to beat up certain people in the SmackDown games on my Playstation 2 for a long, long time! *evil laugh* =D

I also feel the need to thank my three favorite former WCW stars, namely Chris Jericho, Billy Kidman and Juventud Guerrera. My very first website (called The Fearless Three), created in November of 1998, was dedicated to them, and they inspired me tremendously where website-building is concerned. If not for the three of them, this site probably wouldn't exist right now.

And finally, believe it or not, I also have to thank all the haters, especially those who have become haters since March of 2005. You guys may be jerks and judge a person whose actions in his personal life have NO effect on your own, but thanks to you, I'm even more driven to make this the best Edge/Adam Copeland site on the web. So, for that, thanks!