» Adobe Photoshop 7.0: As of December 2004, I've gotten a copy of this awesome program on CD (thanks, Ladie!), and many of my graphics are now done using it. Definitely an awesome program for any webby to have! As of January 2010, I am now using Photoshop CS4.

» Adobe ImageReady: See directly above for some info. I use this program along with Animation Shop 3 to make my animations.

» Jasc Paint Shop Pro: Some of my graphics are made using PSP 7 and 8, which are awesome. I love this program, and I recommend it to anyone who doesn't have the resources to get Adobe Photoshop! It's like a "poor man's version" of that great program.

» Animation Shop 3: Another awesome graphics program, this one is handy for making animated gifs.

» 4Images: This is a terrific PHP-based database I use for my newer galleries. They're handy for saving space and neat at organizing your images/galleries. Check it out at

» PSDs: I used to use ones I got from the now defunct, but now I exclusively use my own, that I made.

» Brushes: I only just recently (as of December 2005) figured out how to use these on Photoshop. Along with patterns, this is a great way to spice up your graphics! The brushes I use come from Not a Thing, and Beautiful

» Patterns: I love using patterns in my graphics! Like brushes, they really make them look more interesting and exotic. I downloaded the ones I use from

» Fonts: Many of the fonts I use I've gotten from,, and Evolution Graphix, and others came with Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop 7.0.

» CSS Design: I learned (and continue to learn) Cascading Style Sheets by using tutorials such as W3 Schools Online Tutorials and by being observant of other websites that use this style.

» Notepad, WordPad and HTML: I use this to make my updates and all the sections and pages of the site.

» Guestbook: For this, I use

» Weblog Commenting: I use for this.

» News Bits: I don't rely much on wrestling news sites anymore, but usually I get news from one, I check out, and a few other various sites as well.

» WinTV USB Capper: I have just recently (as of 6/8/04) treated myself to this screencapper, which is awesome. All my previous caps, of course, were courtesy of Justin and Sarah. As of April 2010, I am now using a newer version of this in the form of WinTV 7.

» InterVideo winDVD Platinum: This is a nifty program I use to get high quality, large captures off of DVDs (thanks, Ladie!).

» FTP on Internet Explorer: Unlike most webbies, I have never used FTP programs, I've always just relied on Internet Explorer for it. It's pretty simple to use, and I'm self-taught. I am now using FileZilla, which is great. Thanks to my good friend Tammy for pointing me to it and giving me tips!

» Webhosting: I've used two other webhosts previously, but now I am with