Site History

Adam on the Edge, which is now actually, has been through a variety of ups and downs since I created the site back on December 22, 2001. I've had other websites in the past, but even though I was kind of dedicated to them, I never had quite the same passion for those that I have for this one.

The site came to be after I had endured a horrible month from late November to early/mid December 2001. I was going through a lot of rough shit at the time, and the only thing that was cheering me up was putting on RAW, SmackDown or Sunday Night Heat and seeing my favorite wrestlers. Edge has always been one of my favorites, and I began to get the idea of starting my own website dedicated to him. At this time, I was scoping out Adam Copeland/Edge sites on the 'net and discovered that, with a couple of exceptions (specifically and, most of them were no longer updated or no longer existed. That pretty much made up my mind. I hopped on over to and signed up for a new site. I used the handle Edgeward because of Chris Jericho calling Edge that on a RAW back in June of 2000 before their King of the Ring Qualifying match (Jericho's also a favorite of mine, and his witticisms and silly nicknames for other superstars just sort of stick with me, LOL!).

Anyway, the content... The site started out as your ordinary run-of-the-mill basic HTML page, but I added a feature which was new for me, which I'd never had on any of my other sites before - namely, fanfiction! And also namely, Edge/Lita fanfic. For awhile at this point, I'd been a BIG Edge/Lita shipper, having always thought they would make the most awesome couple! I never expected my fics to reach the popularity they quickly did, but I got so inspired that I ended up expanding the site and creating a separate section/subsite specifically for the fanfic. The site itself has evolved and grown so much since December 22, 2001, and I'm so dedicated to it that I decided to buy my own domain. Originally, the domain came from (which I would NOT recommend, as they operate off a strictly Windows-based server - not a good idea for a hosting company that hosts TONS of websites). Then, in May 2004, I switched to However, after running into way too many problems there as well, with the site experiencing a lot of downtime, I switched over to - who I HIGHLY recommend if you're serious about running a website. The state of the site now is something I am extremely proud of, and I strive to make the one and only online stop any Edge/Adam Copeland fan needs!