Unfortunately, there are always going to be people out there in cyberland who steal content from other websites for their own. Not surprisingly, has been a victim of such thieves. Below is a list (a blacklist, if you will) of sites that have stolen content from us, with descriptions of what was taken and other details.

1. Adam On The Edge (yeah, they had the NERVE to even steal MY site's name!)
Webmaster: Darryl
What was stolen: My site name, minus the .net, screecaps, the bio on Edge, and probably more where that came from. I just discovered this site while browsing It was merely mentioned as "An Edge Site" up there, because Lainy knows the ONLY Adam On The Edge is and has always been THIS site you're on now. I was curious and clicked the link to browse, and I instantly grew angry seeing the name. I looked for a tagboard or something else where I could post my feelings on my site's name being stolen, but there was nothing. Then, I browsed a bit more, because I thought that if they could steal that, they could steal my content, too! First stop was the gallery - and lo and behold, I saw some very familiar screencaps. Why were they familiar? They were MINE! Sadly, the person who owns the site is only 11 years old. It makes me reluctant to email them to tell them off, you know? I am going to email their host instead and explain everything. I'm sure that will get it shut down rather than someone taking it over from the kid.

2. Adam & Amy Uncensored
Webmistress: Natacha
What was stolen: MANY screencaptures, scans (which were cropped so that the "" tag was no longer showing/removed), and TONS of animations that were once up here as well as on my Lita/Amy Dumas site, The situation of the animations was the first offense, and it took several times of me emailing the webmistress in order to get her to finally give credit to AOTE. Something interesting to note is that she had actually contacted me before the site was created, asking me to "make her a website." Naturally, I declined the request, as I work and have a life of my own, not to mention my own sites to concentrate on. When I stumbled on her site and saw all my animations with no credit given, she claimed she didn't know how to give credit and that someone else had created her website. Well, duh - if you know absolutely nothing about making a site, then you shouldn't do one! Learn how to do things for yourself first and then do it!

As for the photos stolen, I browsed her gallery sometime later and first noticed scans that looked very odd - not only because they looked like my own but because they'd been cropped very strangely. Upon a closer look, I realized these were in fact MY own scans that various people had been kind enough to donate to AOTE, since I didn't have a scanner for the longest time. I contacted her as well as my friend Teffy of about this, and it turned out she had stolen from EU as well! At first she actually denied having anyone else's pictures, but she got caught in her own lie and ended up removing everything that belonged to us.

3. Edge & Lita 4Ever
Webmistress: Lina
What was stolen: DVD Captures. Teffy contacted me about this one, because she somehow stumbled on the site and saw some of her scans from EU. On top of that, she noticed there were DVD caps from The Ladder Match up there, and she found it strange that they weren't numbered in order. As it turns out, these were MY DVD captures, and the person running the site hadn't bothered to re-number the random few she stole. Not that I wouldn't have known my own caps, mind you! I was unable to contact her when Teffy informed me of the theft because I was at work, but the moment I got home and logged onto my computer, I did just that. I also told her to remove the MSN icon she had that belonged to me as well, and she did so very quickly. However, the pathetic thievery of Lina started up again a few months later. She has continued to steal from this website and has even posted links to content here on her site. I made sure to leave some angry comments on her site telling her to remove anything of mine she has up there, be it actual content or links. Being the oh-so-mature person that she is, she removed my comment. Teffy left a comment for her on my behalf as well with the same result. I posted yet again, and of course once again, my words were deleted. On top of that, Lina had the nerve to post a sarcastic little comment of her own, directed at me. As a last resort, I got hold of her IP address off of the diva forum my three other sites are affiliated with and banned it. I may have to ban the entire IP range, though, not just the individual IP itself. It sucks, because that will leave plenty of fans of this site from Lithuania unable to get on the site. Typical that one bad apple has to spoil things for other people. I urge any and all of you reading this who are or have ever been fans/supporters of to email Lina HERE and tell her off. Pathetic as it is, she even stole my email handle, edgelita4ever!

Unfortunately, I'm sure there will be more to come on this list. Stay tuned.