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March 13, 2008
Tour Blog
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I havenít written a blog in awhile, so I donít know where to start on catching everybody up. Weíve had some ups and downs on this tour, but everything aside, we are all having a great time. So whatís everything you ask? Well, Our first stop on the tour was a Friday night in Jasper, Alabama. Our plan was to rock Jasper, come back through Atlanta so Shane, Jay and I could do the February Silver Scream Spook Show, and then go on to St. Louis to freeze our asses off until we got back down south. Well Foxy, our í88 Ford Econoline, had other plans. We made it 15 miles outside of town, stopped for gas, and noticed our radiator was spewing fluid and smoke everywhere. So, we cooled it down, crossed our fingers, called in a bunch of favors and made it back to Atlanta in hopes to get Foxy ready for the rest of the tour. By this time, we got word that our St. Louis show had canceled, which sucked, but gave us an extra day to get the van situation figured out. We had our friend Travis looking at the van who thought he could have it ready that night. I got a text at 5 am saying things are not looking good with the van. To say I was stressed out at this point would have been an understatement. The show must go on, so the monthly shenanigans of the Spook Show ensued with the 1íoclock day show. In between rehearsals, and setting up for the show, I am online looking for a new van because at this point, I donít have alot of faith in Foxy, no offense íol girl. So in between day show and night show I go with Jay to look at a Sprinter. You know those boxy Euro diesel vans? Oh, and btw, you canít put more than 3,000 miles on a rental in 1 month, and weíve already gone over 5,000 miles, because I looked into that, as well. A few hours later I pull up to the night show with our new- yet to be named- completely under warranty-Sprinter! We all knock out the spook show and pack up about 2am or so. Bright and early the next morning Shane and Jay equipped with loft supplies construct a cage for our gear that doubles as a bed/ loft in the van. We leave for tour Sunday night to make it to our Springfield, IL (famous for The Simpsons and Lincoln) show the next day. Psyched to get officially started we load in our gear in 20 degree weather, rock the show, and hop back in the van to get some miles in that night. I guess it was around this time my back started to get pissed off at me. The next morning I literally could not get out of bed. I was on the phone with my chiropractor and found somewhere in Dayton? maybe, to get adjusted. The next few days were pretty tough and youíd understand more why if you have already seen us live. Moving forward- so, my back is starting to feel better, and we head up to New Hampshire and Mass to do a few shows with some friends who happen to be sick. Everyone in Ashers denies their involvement in getting us all sick, ha, ha but really who knows, the weather was still freezing up there and Iím sure there were a bunch of you guys at those shows who were sick. No point in fessing up now, you canít keep a good Luchagor down, anyways, at least not for long! I completely lost my voice for a couple days and was really starting to freak out. Not just because itís annoying, but we are in the middle of a tour! We did have to cancel one show because of it, and that totally sucks, but weíll be back to the Pittsburgh area. Now we are heading back through the south. We made a pit stop in Knoxville- much shorter than we anticipated- to find out that the promoter was like Luchagor who? Nope- no one here by that name. Man, and I was hoping Dolly Parton was going to be there tonight! Well, I am typing this as we are on the way to Richmond for our show tomorrow and to see some friends, as it is my old stomping grounds. We have met a lot of street team members and we need more!! If this blog is for nothing else, I hope you guys see how much effort we put into this band. Itís just the 4 of us on the open road, plowing our way through whatever road blocks stand in our way. One show at a time, uniting and creating Luchawhores everywhere!!! We all appreciate your support and love getting to meet and hang out with everyone after the shows. Take care out there- and we will too!!- xxoo, amy