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Written by admin on 29.05.2007, 02:41

We really do have a CD coming out
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So how goes it, guys? The gors have been super busy, I haven't even seen PIRATES yet!!! We just played our first 2 out of town shows and are beginning to talk to people about touring. The whole band has been a bit overzealous and I know I originally told you guys the CD would be out in April and here it is almost June and still NO CD!! Yes, I know you Luchawhores are getting impatient. Well, it's not for a lack of trying. We are doing everything ourselves and we are all our own worst critics, so we want everything 'just so' before you guys lay eyes on it. Not to mention, all the legal mumbo jumbo that goes along with it all. I'm sending out a bunch of orders from the Luchastore ( so be checking your mailboxes if you placed an order, and if ya didn't, well what are you waiting for??? Thanks, you guys in Macon for showing us love when we came down there. We all had a blast. We've also received a ton of emails and comments about our 600fest show in Charlotte, NC this past weekend. Other than all of us baking on stage and you guys in the crowd, while the sun did feel like it could literally cook us we can't wait to go back and play Charlotte again. Send us your pics from the event. I want to see 'em. I finally played a track off our new album this past week on PunkRockalypse. The Luchagors are definitely the most requested band on the show. For those of you guys that haven't tuned in yet, what are you waiting for??? Oh, wait I already used that one. You can listen to it if you don't live in Atlanta on every Sunday night @ 9pm. I have the funniest foster dog right now. Ya know, the kind you just look at and have to smile cuz he's so damn goofy looking. I say he's a terrier/goat mix if you can get that picture in your head. His name is Bert, he was found in a DUMPSTER w/ his brother Ernie. I just can't believe the inhumane qualities that humans posses sometimes. I really enjoy my work @ the shelter and of course I am happy each time a dog goes to their new home, but ignorant people continue to exacerbate the ongoing overpopulation problem. The shelter I am currently volunteering at is a no kill shelter, but the reality is that there are still over 1 MILLION dogs euthanized every year. Numbers are hard to digest, but when I look at Bert and think that if would not have made it to a no kill shelter he would have been a number. Hmmm, well that was quite the tangent. On another note, I am really excited that summer is here. I already went to 6 Flags this year and I am ready to actually have a summer. This year's Memorial Day was the first time I was not at a RAW in 7 years. There were summers I never put on a bathing suit unless I was getting photographed in it! That's how busy I stayed. I stay busy now, but it just feels totally different and not stressful. I am excited to be busy, not overwhelmed. Well, that about does it, we'll fill your orders asap from the luchastore, I'll get your requests on PunkRockalypse when I can, I'll let you know as soon as I do on an exact date for our CD release and you guys do me 1 favor.... SPAY and NEUTER YOUR DAMN PETS!!!!!!!!