New Blog From Amy - Happy New Year's and Stuff
Written by admin on 03.01.2007, 15:48

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years and stuff

Happy New Year! Hope you guys had a good, but not too good of a new year's eve celebration. I decided to keep it mellow on amateur night. I am excited this new year as I am beginning a new life. I look foward to new challenges and opportunities. Sometimes daily life can become so overwhelming that you can lose sight of what drives you, and makes you happy. It's really important for me to live life feeling inspired by each day, and have fun with the challenges. I welcome figuring out just what that will be this year. Learning how to sing, write songs, and play instruments with The Luchagors is fun to me. Cooking dinner at home, going for hikes with my dog, and not worrying about the latest drama is fun to me . I don't have a plan yet for 2007, but I love that. I can't wait to see what happens with The Luchagors and who knows what else. I had a hell of a ride with the WWE, however, I don't plan on doing too many wrestling related appearances. I've already done it. I did it when I felt high walking through the curtain, I did it on the verge of tears, I did it when it was my whole life, and I did it when I wished it was. So, no- I am not "back on the circuit", I am not available to anyone that wants to throw some cash my way. I look foward to staying in touch with all of the awesome people I have met and will meet through my career in wrestling. I do look foward to doing a few appearances with old friends, as well as maybe some new ones. I hope all of you look towards a great new year and if you don't like something- change it. See ya around.............maybe- amy