New Blog From Amy - So It's a Little Late
Written by admin on 19.12.2006, 12:29

December 19, 2006

so it's a little late...

I know in cyber world its eons old, but if I wrote all of you snail mail, you'd just be getting it. So the Bouncing Souls/ Circle Jerks show was pretty damn cool. It was a bonus to see the Sreet Dogs cuz all I knew about them was their singer was from Dropkick Murphys. I thought they stole the show. I was trying to downplay my excitment for getting to play this show. Theres always something about building something up as the greatest thing ever, and it never quite is. I figured people would just be showing up by the time we were finishing our set because I knew we were going on so early. But it was pretty cool, everyone that was there seemd to be into it, especially for not knowing our songs. Jake had food poisioning and was so sick he could barley stand up and puked on stage. That sucked, but the show was still alot of fun. It meant alot to me to play that night. 7seconds/ Circle Jerks was my 1st show in '89 @ the Metroplex right here in Atlanta (no I dont call it The ATL, and neither should you!). I knew that show had changed my life forever, but I didn't know just how full circle it would come by getting to play with them 17 years later!! The guys even said they liked our set! Some of you have mentioned our upcoming shows section is empty. We are going to be recording a pretty full length album in January and then we'll start back rockin live after that. Once the album comes out we'll start getting ready to take over your town for a night, so watch out. I'm going to be working on our site this week, so look for merchandise to be available there. Weve gotten alot of overseas requests, and we hear ya. we'll make sure our stuff is available to you, too. The weather here is amazing its been in the 70's! You cant keep me inside, so me and Kenz are out to catch the last few hrs of daylight. Take care guys, amy