J.R. On Lita
Written by admin on 01.12.2006, 14:38

December 1, 2006

Josh..and others- Lita will definitely be missed for many reasons. I had the privilege of hiring Lita in 2000 or late 1999 and she has been a joy to be around. No female was willing to attempt more spectacular maneuvers than Lita. Lita raised the in the ring with her athleticism and passion for the product. I have also been impressed at how far she came with the speaking aspect of being a WWE Superstar. Lita and Edge were awesome together in my opinion. Lita is such a bright individual and has prepared financially for her future that she will be just fine. I sure hope we see her in the WWE again some day but until then I wish her nothing but the very best. Lita is a class act who I had a great repore with and hope that continues in the future.

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