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» Articles/Interviews: Excerpts From Interview With Amy at Northern Ontario Expo
Northern Ontario Expo, Interview with paulsgirl27 - excerpts
April 30, 2011

About the Expo
- The Expo's great and so far so good, I think I got one of the nicest 10 minutes of the year, so I'm pretty excited about that - because I forgot my snowsuit.

About the possibility of returning to the WWE
- I miss some aspects of the WWE, it was definitely a super-fun time in my life. But, you know, it's kinda like an old shoe you can always go back to and it always feels comfortable there. Often, people ask me about going to other organizations. Yes, I was in the indies and ECW before going to WWE, but I spent so long in WWE, it's my home.

- I mean, I wouldn't be opposed to a cameo or a short thing, but as far as a full-time schedule, I really didn't realize how much I missed being around my family and friends and not having such a hectic travel schedule.

About what she's been doing since retiring
- Oh, jeez, where do you start? It's been awhile now... I have my band, we toured a bunch in Europe and the States. Didn't really make it up to Canada. And I have a house in Nicaragua that I've been spending time at, surfing, and I'm an HKC kennel *inaudible* instructor. I find ways to keep busy, that's for sure.

About what fans usually ask her
- I always get asked about Edge, I always get asked about the Hardy Boyz, and I always get asked when I'm going to go in and teach the current divas a lesson. *laughter*

About Edge having to retire
- I'm just so fortunate they caught it in time and that it wasn't, you know, potentially what could have happened to him being in a ladder match a month from now and not being able to get up. So, while it's unfortunate because I know he loves it, I'm just so thankful that it was caught when it was.

Interview link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sexHo1NfL0&feature=player_embedded

Credit: I managed to get this transcript myself, so credit for using it must be given to Always-Amy.com

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