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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tour so far
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We've been on tour a week and so much has happened. Some bad, mostly great, but here you go... I guess tour officially started in Atlanta last Monday at Smith's Old Bar. We had a fun show w/ our friends The Dollyrots and proceeded to stay up way too late with those guys and then do a million last minute things before taking off to Birmingham, AL the next day. I was starting to not feel so good but I tried to ignore it. A sore throat for a singer not 2 days into tour is not good. Off to New Orleans! We played the HiHo Lounge which is a super cool place with cool people. We find out that day that our show in Houston is canceled because "the club shut down". We're bummed, but what can you do? I wake up in New Orleans super sick and go to urgent care. They tell me I have strep throat and give me 3 shots of something that made me feel better pretty quick, so I'm psyched. Off to Austin- we love it there! We have lots of friends there and now we have more. Oh, wait did I mention, now we find out there was a knife fight at the club in Waco, so we now have two canceled shows. Awesome. Not really. Our show in Austin w/ One-Eyed Doll was great, and I was excited to play with them again. So now we have two days off, so we're scrounging around for shows to see if we can fill either of those dates. We're sitting at our friend Doss' house around oh 4am and Dave from the Krum Bums decides we are doing a show outside Bombs Away- a cool punk rock clothing store, next to a pizza joint and a killer record shop. Meanwhile, we do some digging about this club that shut down in Houston. Turns out, the club was having to scramble to re book the night because the promoter told the club that we said we weren't coming due to financial reasons. Flat out lies!! So uncool. Anyways, we ended up having a blast in the parking lot outside Liz's store, Bombs Away! Check out the pix in our pix section. Mike Truth, the promoter from our Austin show got us added on to a show in San Antonio, so we lucked out there, too. We got to hang w/ our friends in Madex 13 too, so that was a bonus! Now the drive where you have to make sure your gas tank is full from San Antonio to El Paso. I don't remember how long it was supposed to be, but we left around 8am and got there at show time. An 18 wheeler ran over a cone and it came flying at us. Bout an hour later our faithful Sprinter decides it can't go above about 45 mph up a hill and we could catch about 60mph with a good tail wind and downhill. Keep in mind, this is where the speed limits are posted as 75mph so everyone is flying by us. Kinda stressful, but we played the show and I went to the mechanic at 7 am and had us on the road by noon. That left us time to see the famous roadside attraction "The Thing" in New Mexico , and get lunch and a Scorpion Bowl at the Kon Tiki in Albuquerque. All speed bumps aside, and lying promoters. grr. we are having a blast flying by the collective seat of our pants, and have met and hung out with some amazing friends- new and old. Off to LA!!- xxoo, Amy

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