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March 10, 2008

Sorry guys! Until everyone knows the words and can help me sing- I just can't do it tonight. I got so sick out here on the road and completely lost my voice. Not just kind of- but like nothing above a whisper. I am on some serious meds and bring my note pad with me everywhere so I don't talk. It looks really dumb, but I don't want to have to cancel anymore shows. We are on for West Virginia and the rest of the tour, I am so sorry for everyone that was planning on coming to see us tonight- xxoo, amy


Whoa! What a way to wake up! I got tons of calls and texts this morning hoping I got out of the hospital soon. What? I'm not in the hospital! I lost my voice. That's it. Our booking agent called the club to cancel the Imperial, PA show because I couldn't talk over a whisper, but that's it. No fever. No laryngitis. I don't know where anything else came from. We have a day off today so I am going to continue to rest up and get ready to rock out in West Virginia tomorrow. I am on everything holistic and over the counter you can think of, so I am hoping to be at least 80% by tomorrow. I appreciate everyone writing in to check up on me, and as far as all the phone calls- I will return those when I get my voice back. It's pretty annoying not being able to talk, by the way. I am going crazy!!! All that aside, we are all still having a great time on tour. We all had a blast with the guys from Ashers in New Hampshire and Mass, but I'm going to go ahead and say it was those bastards that got me sick!!! ha, ha- See you guys somewhere out on the road real soon!! - xxoo, Amy

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