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December 22, 2007

I posted some pics from a couple dates on our tour. I am the self admitted world's worst picture taker, but I know you guys were there taking pics. If you got anything good send them our way so we can put them up!! I'll let you know when I post a tour journal for your reading pleasure, as well. Take care all luchawhores!!! xxoo, amy

Ok, so I was a total slacker and hadn't been on this page forever!! My apologies, I will try to do better. I approved all friends requests that took sssssooooooo looooong. I want to put up new pics and stuff too. My punkrockalypse page and luchagors page take up a bunch of time, though. I just put a bunch of new pics from tour on the luchagors page- check 'em out xxoo, amy

Source: http://www.myspace.com/therealamydumas

Link to pictures: HERE

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