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October 3, 2007
Sea lions & Chargers jerseys
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Strange title, I know. But my trip to San Fran included both. Made my merry way to Haight/Ashbury, and it was pretty much what I expected. Groovy. The real highlight was discovering Pier 39 and the fact that sea lions go there to chill and socialize. Apparently they're very social mammals and it was late so most of them were cuddling with each other asleep. That is until some drunk toolshed decided to start throwing garbage at them to impress his equally drunk girlfriend and two buddies. Real boons to society. Anyway I had a little chat with Potsie and told him something or someone might get thrown over next. They left. Some people's children.

Besides that the sea lions were great. I'd never seen one before, and let's face it, I'm easily amused. Add to the fact that I finally found myself in a store that sold the baby blue San Diego Chargers jersey, and Adam was a happy man. I've always dug the Chargers since I was a kid because I watched that classic game with the Dolphins and thought those jerseys rocked. Yes, that's why I became a Chargers fan. And save the comments, I know we're not having a good year..so far. Although with Norv Turner...ahh that's another story.

Since then hit Santa Cruz while fittingly listening to Lost Legends of Surf Guitar Vol.1, Carmel by the sea, Big Sur, and all the great sights in between. You never really get used to the scenery out here no matter how many times you see it. Had way too much organic coffee today, but as wide eyed as I am, L.A Ink is on, and after that there's a fire pit on the beach waiting for some company, sooo I bid a speedy farewell. Tomorrow off to the city of angels. Oh and it's officially hockey season. GO DEVILS! Go Leafs.


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