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September 23, 2007 - Sunday

Bed & Breakfast
Current mood: devious

Checking in again ladies and gents. Actually gonna try to update this much more often than I have. I wasn't really hands on with this before, but I will be now. The above pics are from the beginning of the trip from lakes on either side of Banff, Alberta. One was called Lake Boom(stupendous name) which we hiked 10.2 kilometers to get to and from. Not another person to be seen or heard from for literally miles and miles. As my dear friend Rhino would say, "anyways", currently about to check out of an awesome bed & breakfast in downtown Vancouver called the Barclay House. I recommend it if you ever find yourself in this amazing city. I had never stayed in a b&b before but always wanted to and will definitely do so again. Probably on this trip. Next, off to the land of "grunge" and coffee, Seattle, and another update, much more in depth on what I've been up to. Until then.


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