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August 29, 2007 - Wednesday

BIG NEWS! (Are you sitting down? )
Category: Music

WE HAVE A RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!!! Tuesday, September 11th you can own your very own copy of our 11 track self titled CD. We are taking pre-orders now through luchagors.com. All pre orders come with a signed poster that you can only get if you order the CD through the site. You can also get a copy through CDBaby and itunes, and I'm sure after September 11th you can probably get it for free somewhere on line, too. BUT- We've have all worked really hard and don't have support from any label or "the man", so to speak, so PLEASE be nice Luchawhores and actually purchase our CD, and please encourage others to do the same. Cuz see, if you steal the CD, you aren't stealing from some nameless, faceless corporation, you are stealing directly from us (insert 4 sad puppy dog eyed luchagor faces here). G download some free stuff from some big label that won't notice or care if you must Moving on..... Be a part of our street team! The time has come for that, as well. Go sign up at fancorps.com/theluchagors and we'll tell you just how you can help us. We need to spread the gospel of the almighty Luchagor, and we can't do that without you. We'll have fun contests and insider street team only stuff, too. Our 1st contest is already underway with the winner getting a free CD, signed poster, AND... a special secret prize mmmuuaaahh haahhaa! We will also have a new shirt available to order up by Monday so check the site. Oh yeah, and wadda think about our teaser track? It's kind of mean, really, but we were too excited, we had to let you hear a little. Alright, we've been busy getting all this stuff together, so now YOU get busy getting all our stuff together! And if you're really nice I'll put up new pictures from this coming weekend @ Dragon Con and our show tomorrow with The Dollyrots- or maybe i'll just put them up on the street team website @ fancorps.com/theluchagors mmmmmmuuaaahh haahhaa!!!!!!!!!- yes, I am excited and virtually giddy about our CD finally coming out! xxoo amy

Amy later added the following second blog:

Title: Have I told....you lately...that I love you...

No, I'm not having a Rod Stewart moment, rather just super excited about the response we are getting from you guys about the pre-orders for our CD. After Sept. 11, u can download it on Itunes , Amazon, Rhapsody and stuff, or get it through CD Baby, but for now, it's just PREORDERMAINIA!! through luchagors.com and money orders through our PO Box 192 Scottdale, GA 30079 Have I told... you lately..... how much I care.......... xxoo, amy

Source: http://www.myspace.com/theluchagors13

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