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Thursday, August 09, 2007

New CD, New Drummer- all kinds of stuff
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Bad Luchagors!- No blog in forever! So... Lemme see.. Mexico- well, let's just say the vacation part of it was a blast. The guys had never been to Mexico City before and it's one of my all time favorite places, so it was cool to be able to show them around. The show.., well let's just say that Triple A was not ready to handle the production and equipment that is required for a band to play on their show, and unfortunately, we had to find out the hard way. I'm going to assume they're just going to stick to putting on a wrestling show. Our CD is officially in the duplication process. We will begin taking pre orders as soon as they give us a ship date. We are looking to start a street team to help us spread the word, so contact luchagors.com tell them you are interested and they will hook it up. We've got fun exclusives for street team members, so don't wait to sign up. Our drummer, Troy, decided he didn't have the desire or level of commitment needed to rock you "Luchawhores". Not to worry, as we have already had several inquiries and are excited about finding the final piece of the the group who wants to go out on the road and meet you guys. Anyone who can make it to DragonCon this year should not pass that up. We hope to have our CD's unofficially on sale that weekend, and we're playing Friday night. I'll let you know when you can pre- order CD's and post pictures as soon as we confirm our new 4th member. xxoo, amy

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