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» Articles/Interviews: Edge Mentions Rey Mysterio
July 7, 2007

Edge had a few choice words to say about Rey Mysterio, who is returning on SmackDown pretty soon after an injury. Below are some excerpts:

“SmackDown is not Rated-R for Rey,” World Heavyweight Champion Edge would like to remind everyone. “I don’t lose sleep over anyone; they should lose sleep over me. I give everyone the best match on the card and best match of their career. Everyone wants to fight me and that’s for a reason.”

There’s no doubt that when he returns, Mysterio will look to regain the World Championship, which is fine with the current champion.

“If Rey Mysterio decides upon his return to try to go after the World Heavyweight Championship, he’s in for a surprise,” Edge bellowed. “He’ll have the match of his life, but he’ll end up on his shoulders at the end of it.”

All things considered, however, The Rated-R Superstar knows what Rey can do. They’ve met in the ring before, and they were WWE Tag Team Champions together five years ago, so Edge had to give Mysterio his due.

“I’m not discrediting Rey Mysterio, he’s one of the best ever,” he admitted. “As a matter of fact, I’m salivating because I can’t wait to get into the ring with him and further prove why I AM the World Heavyweight Champion.”

Credit: WWE.com

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