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» Articles/Interviews: Amy Comments on Chris Benoit
July 2, 2007

"I've gotten a lot of comments on myspace about the Benoit tragic situation that happened this past week and I wasn't going to say anything because honestly, this is how I feel about it. It's not my place to say anything. There's been a tragic situation and who am I to pass judgment or say anything about a private event that needs to be dealt with privately. Benoit was a friend of mine, Nancy was a friend of mine and it's for me to deal with, with my friends privately. TV's called me, radio and newspaper have all called me, trying to get me to make comments on it and my comment is that ya know, I'm going to be dealing with this privately in my own way and it's not my place or anybody else's place to be like passing judgment and glorifying this whole situation."

Credit: Project961 Radio

Written by admin on 02.07.2007, 04:18
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