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May 17, 2007

Amy had posted this blog on her MySpace page back on April 22nd:

Just got back home after my 1st radio show. I had fun playing stuff out of my personal collection for you guys to enjoy. I know some of you caught it and more of you will as the weeks go by. So you can't see me every week anymore, but you can listen to me, and maybe even talk on the air w/ me. I took callers from all over the country. I haven't blogged in a while so I'll catch you up a bit. My Birthday was fun. I had some friends over to my house, and got one of those Cookie Company cakes mmmmmmmmmSmile and hung out and then went to see some bands at the Star Bar. Very fun night, but pretty mellow- pretty good combination for me. I am enjoying my time being low key, although I feel just as busy as ever. The Luchagors are always practicing or doing something, now I get to spend time preparing my set list for the radio show, I'm still taking vocal lessons, volunteering at the shelter, and tutoring, as well. Oh, and I guess I can't forget to mention the occasional indy show. I got to meet some of you myspacers this past weekend (hi guys), and I'm sure I will continue to meet up with you guys from time to time, whether I'm grocery shopping, at an appearance, or at a Luchagors show! See you guys around!- xxooAmy

Source: http://www.myspace.com/therealamydumas

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