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» MySpace Blogs: Don't Order From the Luchastore... Yet!!!!!
February 12, 2007

SORRY! SORRY! SORRY!- Yes, the luchastore is messed up. It shouldn't have been made accessible yet. BUT... we are gonna fix it and make sure all the Luchwhores (just kidding!) will have all acess to the store. We got our buttons in and stickers so we are going to add those. I apologize and I guess I should put web designer on my 'things to do' list so I could take care of it, but I am at the mercy of the Masta, I mean the webmaster. Patience my young grasshoppas I need to learn that one myself as I am so anxious for our website to be up too! Recording is going killer! I am so proud of what out band is becoming. We have grown so much since the demo that is up on our page, I can't wait til you guys hear it. Tell all your friends- Spread the gospel of the Luchagors! Talk @ yall soon- amy

Source: http://www.myspace.com/theluchagors13

Written by admin on 12.02.2007, 12:36
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