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February 21, 2007

Matt Hardy. Kane. Edge. On any given night, these three WWE Superstars can easily headline a live sports-entertainment event. Yet from 2000 to 2006, they each took center stage in the heart of one Diva—a four-time Women’s Champion whose lovelife would resemble something out of Sybil or The Three Faces of Eve. WWE purists have long praised Lita’s daredevil feats and in-ring accomplishments, while her sexcapades and antisocial demeanor have drawn the most unflattering of comments from critics.

Lita was the acrobatic valet of Essa Rios when she met her first love, Matt Hardy, in May 2000. Almost instantly, the two flipped for one another—and, with Jeff Hardy, for sold-out venues around the world as the high-flying “Team Extreme.” Matt wouldn’t openly profess his feelings for the Diva until February the following year, but when he finally did so, he gave Lita a liplock that she gladly submitted to. For the next several years, their love would endure the competitive ups and downs inherent in sports-entertainment, as well as severe injuries that sidelined each of them for long periods of time. Then, in April 2004, just as Matt and Lita were ready to take the next step of a lifetime together, a Big Red Monster would raze their world.

That monster was Kane, whose fixation on Lita made for a modern-day allegory of Beauty & the Beast. The seven-foot Superstar repeatedly subjected her boyfriend to hellacious pummelings until she agreed to be with him—and by that we mean “be” with him. Matt wouldn’t know anything about their rendezvous until he tried proposing to Lita in June, a week after discovering she was pregnant. It was at that moment when Kane informed him that the baby was his, resulting in an ongoing rivalry that culminated with Lita being obligated to marry the winner of a “’Till Death Do Us Part” Match at SummerSlam that August. Three guesses who won her hand (and if two or more of your guesses say Matt, then shame on you).

Kane’s unholy union to Lita, though born of a personal necessity to have a “love-child” carry on his ghastly legacy, wasn’t insincere; in his own hideous way, he cared deeply for the Diva, even after a ring mishap involving Snitsky led to her miscarriage. Ironically, the tragedy would also bring Lita closer to her Big Red Monster-sized hubby, through whom she’d channel her own wrath—first against Snitsky, then toward longtime nemesis Trish Stratus. In the midst of helping exact vengeance, it appeared that Kane had finally won over Lita’s heart—at least until May 2005, when the beauty revealed herself as the true beast, flushing her wedding ring down a toilet and going “Rated-R” with another WWE Superstar.

For the 18 months they were together, Lita and Edge ushered in an age of sex and violence that established them as WWE’s elite “power couple.” In January 2006, they attempted to publicly consummate the Rated-R Superstar’s first WWE Championship with a Raw “sex celebration” live on television. Later that summer, they’d each wear championship gold around their waist—and nothing else when they so desired. Their affair, though detrimental to Kane’s already fragile psyche, actually made more of an impact on WWE fans and Matt Hardy, who at one time considered Edge among his closest friends. Nevertheless, despite crowds’ relentless chants of “slut” and “You screwed Matt,” or becoming the most hated Diva in WWE, Lita would enjoy some of her greatest success in her illustrious career. A career that was perhaps the true love of her life, and the “better half” that makes up WWE.com’s No. 3 Whoa-mance.

Credit: WWE.com

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