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» MySpace Blogs: New Blog From Amy - Feb. 2, 2007
February 2, 2007

On the day we were all excited to start recording our record, our day got even more awesome! We got a call from Cartoon Network asking us to be a part of the promotion for Santo's new animated series. He was so surprised when I walked it and greeted him, as I hadn't seen him since the WWE was in Mexico. I have never felt a stronger presence around someone who is probably 5'6". If you are not familiar with him, you should check out some of his work. Wrestling is just the start. I think the movies the he and his father made are the best. so anyways, they interviewed the band and we all got to share our love of Santo! The makeup artist had to hold Troy's hand as she busted his TV makeup cherry. Shane's classic statement was that there are only 3 cross cultural icons- Mickey Mouse, Godzilla and SANTO, talk about some profound shit, and if that doesn't make the sound bite reel, I'll be surprised. I was a motor mouth, and Jay reflected on how he's been in the band 8 weeks and just took a picture that will be hung in his house forever. It was a great start to an awesome all night session in the studio. Troy rocked it til 3am, and we finished drum tracking the next day. We are plugging away on the record and it's really cool to feel all the awesome energy bouncin off everyone when we are rockin it in the studio. I'll keep you guys posted- amy

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