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December 24, 2006

Edge took his game beyond Rated-R Superstar levels on January 8, 2006, ushering in a New Year’s Revolution that no one will soon forget. First, he cashed in the “Money in the Bank” contract he won at WrestleMania 21—literally instants after John Cena successfully defended his WWE Championship in a grueling six-man Elimination Chamber Match. Despite a valiant effort from the bloodied and battered Chain-Gang Soldier, two Spears powered Edge to his first-ever WWE Championship, and some very noticeable rejoicing with Lita that spilled out of the ring and onto the Spanish announce table.

Turned on by his new championship status, Edge decided to further consummate his huge victory on the following night’s Raw—by engaging in a live sex celebration with Lita. On a bed set up inside the ring, the Rated-R Superstar went NC-17 on his main squeeze, even slinking down beneath the sheets and emerging with her panties in his mouth.

The hot, torrid live celebration ultimately proved anti-climactic for the amorous couple, thanks to timely intervention from Ric Flair and a Cena FU on Lita. But the audience certainly seemed satisfied—Raw achieved its highest television ratings in over a year. In fact, Edge continues to remind everyone, even in 2007, that his “sex-cess” last January pounded out some of the best ratings in Raw history. Too bad he couldn’t say likewise about his stamina as WWE Champion at the time, lasting only three weeks before Cena recaptured the gold at the Royal Rumble. Had he gone longer, he might have rated even higher than No. 9 on WWE’s Top Ten stories for 2006.

Credit: WWE.com

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