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» MySpace Blogs: At Least There's Pee Wee (Message From Amy on Luchagors MySpace)
November 28, 2006

So, to say I was dissapointed with my final moments with WWE is quite an understatement. It was comforting to read all your comments and emails when I got home. I appreciate that you were able to see I did my best in the situation that was handed to me to give you guys an entertaining match and play along and be a professional with the other stuff that went along with my "big farewell night". BUT......... that's NOT why I am writing. If that were why I was writing it'd probally be about 10 pages long and with a bunch of ****s and capitol letters. But I don't want to think about negative things because I have a killer story for you guys. It has absolutely nothing to do w/ the Luchagors, but I have nowhere else to write about this, so until I do, .... here I am!! So my mom and step dad came to the show. I planned on getting a low key bite to eat w/ them and Adam (edge, duh). So Adam said he knew of a place that we could still grab some grub that late and we were gonna meet my folks there. I walk in to this loungey bowling alley where we have the top floor reserved and all the guys and gals of the WWE are there yelling SUPRISE! except Carlito, who is singing Happy Birthday... So, were bowling, eating, drinking and stuff when Adam makes an announcement for everyone to have a seat. Out comes the cake (@which time Carly, again, starts singing Happy Birthday ) and a video starts playing where all the guys and gals start saying a bunch of really sweet mushy stuff. Adam had planned this whole thing out, .... pretty cool huh? I havent even got to the good part............ So this video is playing and who is the last person on the video wishing ME well in my retirement?????....................FUCKING PEE WEE HERMAN!!!!!!!!!!! So my last TV moments werent perfect, but Adam could not have pulled anything cooler and I felt pretty damn special to have such cool friends and to hear PEE WEE HERMAN say my name to me. I am still in shock. You guys are awesome, I'll be in touch soon, but if you need me, I'll be in my living room w/ my message from Paul Reubens on loop. Pee-Wee rules, and so do you guys. Take Care, Amy

Source: http://www.myspace.com/theluchagors13

Written by admin on 28.11.2006, 01:13
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