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» MySpace Blogs: New York Dolls (Message From Amy on Luchagors MySpace)
December 4, 2006

Just got back from the New York Dolls. They Totally rocked. The whole show rocked. The Charms, The Chesterfeild Kings, Supersuckers, and the Dolls. They could teach a bunch of kids a thing or two bout rockin. So, if your up for gettin schooled, check em out when they come to your town. My friend Eric Scealf from The Unsatisfied was there. They rule cant wait to play a show in Chattanooga w/ them. Chattanooga will never be the same, again. So Ive gotten close to a million calls about appearances, ok, well maybe 100,000 thousand. Its nice to get all those calls, but you guys are gonna have to wait. I need an F*in break, 7 years on the road will do a sister in. I'll probally start doin a LITTLE BIT in February. Hey, I told you guys, I'm kickin back. I've earned this time. I'll come visit yall soon enough. Take care and rock out, xxoo, amy

Source: http://www.myspace.com/theluchagors13

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