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» MySpace Blogs: Message From Amy on Luchagors MySpace
November 23, 2006

Welcome everyone to our page! Thanks for being patient with us as we are all working on evolving into the 21st century. So I am pretty excited to read all of the feedback from you guys. I know this is the Luchagors page, but until I get my own page I don't mind you all gabbing about wrestlin on here. It can't be Luchagors ALL the time. I'll let yall know when I get my real Amy Dumas/ The character formerly known as Lita page up and runnin. Its so cool to see the support you guys are extending me as I branch out try something I've always wanted to do.. be in a full on punk rock band. Not someone else's project band, not some karaoke cover thing, but writing, playing, touring, broken down vans, cancelled shows, motel6, selling merch out of a van, shitty smokey clubs, blistering hot outdoor summer shows, oh yeah, and peddling tickets to open up for The Bouncing Souls and Circle Jerks!! (you think I'm kidding, but I'll explain later).... you know, all sounds pretty exciting to me. Quite a departure from the last 7 years of my life, but a big reunion at the same time. I am totally submerged back in punk rock/ hardcore/ ourcore.. whatever you wanna call it. Not that I was ever not into it, but before I was on the road 300 days a year, if a band was playing, local or touring and I wasnt there, I felt like I was letting my fellow punkers down. I am hoping to make up for lost time with The Luchagors. I also want to make it clear, I am not leaving wrestling to play in the band. It's not like this is my new job or anything, I don't plan on playing HHH theme @ wrestlemania this year, so don't be dissapointed But I do plan to keep up with this site and let you guys know whats goin on. You guys have been so helpful already, weve gotten show offers from as far away as Australia and the UK, people offering to do promotions and interviews, and whatever else. All I can say right now is THANK YOU and hold on, sit tight, we're still kinda coming up with a plan. We want to record in January, start to play a few out of town shows after that, then kinda go from there, but not get ahead of ourselves. Your enthusiasm is really infectious, but gimmme a minute, we will come to your area, Omaha, Chicago, Toronto, Kansas City, North Carolina, Texas, California.......UK, Guam? We have been reading your emails, I promise!!! theluchagors.com will be up soon, I'd say a week or so? I'll take the blame for that one. Our webmaster needs some stuff that I havent gone over yet, so I'm gettin on it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving all you Americans, and everyone else.... have a great Thursday!

Source: http://www.myspace.com/theluchagors13

Written by admin on 24.11.2006, 08:07
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