What's Edge Thinking?

Look at the picture of Edge below.  What does it look like he is thinking or saying?  A new pic will be put up every so often, so get your input in soon! =) Responses will be posted below.

What is Edge Thinking?



What is Edge thinking?


Kurenai: WHY OH WHY GOD did Big Show fart then run away for me to smell it?!
Aimee: OMG, that all American American has a real B.O. problem - man he stinks!
Sandy: I need coffee damnit, look at me!
Joey: I thought you said this was lemonade!
Bryce: I deserve a title shot!!
Jessica: Edge don't think so!
Jess: I am the Rated R Superstar!!
Mylin: I'm trying to look big and bad...how does this look?
Selina: I'm not a good guy, noo I can be VERY meeeeaaann.
Tyler: It stinks in here
Angel: Oh gosh! Are Hawkins and Ryder walking around barefoot again?
Leon: I should not have cut the cheese, I will blame it on Vickie!