FanFic Challenges

Do you have an idea for a challenge to issue to me for a new fanfic? Here is the place where you can let me know! Fill out the form below, and I'll be sure to consider your challenge and get back to you. If I like it, I might just take it up.

Rules - Read this VERY carefully, because I *will* be enforcing them...

Last Updated: April 16, 2005

If I *do* decide to write your challenge fic, just remember that 1) although this website is a big priority in my life, it is not the *only* priority in my life - and I do have a life aside from the site; and 2) it will generally take me some time, because remember - I am a *human being*, not a machine. And after nearly two years of writing fics, I have found that it takes time to produce a really good story. So please be patient. If this request is ignored, and I have started writing a fic for someone and that person hounds me as to why I haven't updated their story, I may just decide not to finish it at all. So please be patient and understanding! It will work to everyone's benefit. ;)

I will *not* write Mary Sues - those are the fics where you put a wrestler with yourself or an original character based on you. I have never written fics like that for two reasons - one, I enjoy writing wrestlers with divas, and two, I don't like them!

Another biggie with me - please do *not* issue to me a challenge based on someone else's own original fanfic! As a writer, I highly respect and value other writers and their works, and I will absolutely *NOT* rip off or plagiarize anyone else's work! This is a rule I cannot stress enough.

Also, I will *not* write slash! I don't enjoy those stories, and I have absolutely no interest in writing them.

With the exception of *Lita/Edge*, I also will not do canon pairings! These are *real* pairings. While I *have* written pairings such as Stacy/Test in the past, I have no interest in doing so in the future. And I especially will not - I repeat, *not* write Lita/Matt or Stephanie/Triple H! So please don't email me a challenge asking me to write such pairings. Sorry, but I don't enjoy them - nothing personal.

Oh, I should also mention that, with *very* few exceptions (such as the lawyers/judge in 'Soulmates' and the maniac kidnapper/rapist in 'Tears of a Stranger,' I do *not* do OCs. I'm just not into them and would prefer to write the wrestlers and divas.

Okay, that's about it. As long as these rules are followed, I'm up to accepting challenges so long as I like them. =)



What is your fic challenge?