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Britney: Takes place at a college, and Vince is the owner of the school. Amy, Trish (or Stacy), Adam, Jay, Triple H, Shane, Stephanie are all students. Triple H stalks Amy and Shane stalks Trish (or Stacy). The two guys team up to torment the women. Adam and Jay play saviors. Ric Flair and Undertaker are teachers - Flair won't help the girls, 'Taker tries and risks his job doing so. (Over My Shoulder)

Cassandra: Lita in abusive relationship with Christian, Edge rescues her although they are enemies; E&C split over the situation. (Away From Me)

Renee: Lita/Edge; Other characters/friends: Dawn Marie, Jericho, Christian, Sean O'Haire, Stacy, Trish, Shawn Michaels, Stephanie (can use whichever you want, don't have to use all - pairings between them are optional and up to you); Mandatory character/troublemakers: Torrie, HHH. Torrie is obsessed with Edge, HHH is obsessed with Lita. Neither have ever so much as gone on a date with the object of his/her affection. The two of them get together somehow and end up conspiring on how to break Lita and Edge up. Of course, the plan fails miserably and they end up stalking the couple. Torrie and HHH should also have a sexual relationship, even though they really want other people. Torrie gets into a physical fight with one of the divas mentioned as friends (preferably Dawn Marie or Trish, since they could kick the crap out of her and win the fight); Torrie and HHH end up both getting what they deserve; Happy endings! (Only You)

Tori: (Via the Yahoo! group KarenFic) Trish gets jealous when Lita returns and takes the spotlight away from her. Trish is pissed that she's no longer the center of the Women's Division and stops at nothing to make the other divas' lives hell.
Must Haves:
- Lita, Victoria, Molly, Ivory and Dawn Marie as the good divas
- Trish, Sable, Torrie, Stacy and Jackie Gayda as the bad divas
- No roster split
- The Dudleys as bad guys
- A six-person table match where one of the good divas gets put through a table
- Trish seducing Bischoff into doing whatever she wants
- Bischoff as the only GM of RAW and Smackdown until, at some point in the story, Linda introduces the co-GM (to be decided by author) to help settle the score
- The good guys eventually getting revenge! (Something Missing)

Karen: The WWE has stopped the roster split. Edge is now back with friends like Val Venis and Rob Van Dam, but starts to fall in love with a certain diva named Lita. Meanwhile, Lita is on the run from Triple H, Chris Jericho, Christian, and Test. When Edge is reunited with enemies from his past, he finds out they have a plan in store for Lita. Can Edge get to her before those four, and if he does, can he save her from them? (End of Innocence)

Sarah: Lita or Victoria (or both) are put in a storyline with the Evolution (and the girls are best friends). Pairings are Lita/Edge (if you go with this pairing, Trips is a butthead) or Lita/Triple H and Victoria/Randy Orton. Assholes are Test (who likes Victoria) and Steiner (who likes Lita). Bitches are whoever you want. (Give Unto Me)

Cassandra: Edge and Lita hate each other more than anything. They both meet interesting people on the Internet one day and they get to talking and become friends. See, what they don't know is they are really talking to each other. Because they are on the road, they don't have scanners to send pictures of themselves, even though they could both PIC one off of a fan site. After awhile, they decide to meet each other. Do things change when they meet each other for the 'first' time? (Message of Love)

Sarah: Edge has secretly been in love with Lita for a long time, but Lita is involved with another superstar (doesn't matter who it is). However, Edge doesn't know that the guy beats Lita. One night, Victoria and Randy Orton (who are in the Evolution) find Lita beat up and raped. Edge vows to get revenge on Lita's boyfriend. Over the course of this, Lita & Edge become friends with Victoria & Randy. Edge eventually tells Lita how he feels. Victoria and Randy fall for each other, too. Happy endings for everyone! (Field of Innocence)

Lolie: Trish Stratus has been sick for the past week, and all her friends are worried about her. Especially Lita. So Lita decides to take Trish to the docter. Trish finds out she's pregnant with her boyfriends child. Christian is her boyfriend. Which is Edge's little brother. Trish is planning on not telling Christian so he'll have to find out for himself. He gets angry, and decides to just leave Trish pregnant and in the dumps. A terrible fight breaks out between Christian and Edge, which results in Trish trying to stop the fight, and ends up in the hospital. Sadly, the docters tell her she's had a miscarrige. Now, everybody is mad at Edge and Christian. But Edge was trying to set Christian's mind straight so he'd claim the unborn child his. But it was too late. When Trish is feeling alone, Lita tells her about when she was pregnant with Edge's baby and she too had a miscarrige. Include any characters you want. (Hollow)

Traci: Challenge 4: Adam and Amy are enemies who can't stand each other but they are kidnapped by two of their exes. (Without a Trace)

Amy Rudders: A sequel to Soulmates where Chris Irvine is back! ( Back For More )