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Edge and Lita

Name: Edge
» Height: 6 foot 5
» Weight: 240 pounds
» From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
» Finishing Move: Spear
» Career Highlights: World Tag Team Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion; Intercontinental Champion; WCW U.S. Champion
» Associates: Lita

» Mysteriously entering WWE full of angst whispering the words “you think you know me,” Edge has become one of the most accomplished and promising WWE RAW Superstars around. Making a big impact on the tag team division early on in his career as the fan favorite team “E & C”, Edge joined up with his brother Christian in some of the most wild and memorable tag team encounters like the Tables, Ladders, Chairs (“TLC”) specialty match against the likes of the Dudley Boyz and the Hardy Boyz. Indeed, Edge’s star quickly rose as he became a highly touted and respected WWE Superstar.

However, there has been one piece of the puzzle which is Edge’s career that has recently driven him to obsession and borderline madness: winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Aspiring since childhood to become the WWE Heavyweight Champion, a now sinister Edge has become consumed and ultimately corrupted to the core by this same boyhood dream. Feeling “screwed” by other WWE Superstars like Shawn Michaels, the fans and other outside forces, Edge passionately believes there are those who have wrongfully denied him of his life long quest.

While most in Edge’s situation would become entangled in a downward spiral, Edge is fueled by his bitterness making him even more driven, unpredictable and desperate.

Recently at WrestleMania 21 in a “Money in the Bank” bout, Edge used this newfound tool to drive him in securing a WWE Heavyweight Championship Title match whenever he wishes. Additionally, in May 2005 on RAW Edge scored another Championship Title match when he won the Gold Rush tournament, defeating Kane after his own wife – the alterna punkette Lita betrayed her husband and joined up romantically and strategically with Edge.

Yet, recently, it was a bitter, personal rivalry with Matt Hardy over Lita which has brought a brand new spotlight onto Edge.

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